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Good run today!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I did manage to make it to the gym today after all. Usually I hop on the elliptical for my warm up cardio, but today I thought I would try the treadmill. I ended up running 3.5 miles, slowing to a walk for less than a minute three times in order to catch my breath. That is incredibly good for me! Who knew that running on the treadmill was so much easier? I am going back to the gym on Friday to meet with the personal trainer to update my ST workout... and I think I will jump on the treadmill again. I know a lot of people find it boring, but I really like watching the read out and seeing the numbers change. Just call me weird! I also did a full body ST workout while I was there. I am now using 135 pounds to do squats on the leg press machine, so I am definitely making progress with lower body strength. I need to focus more on upper body strength though if I am going to be able to load and unload my kayak by myself come springtime. I also walked the dog twice (slowly due to icy conditions), hooped for 10 minutes and did 155 jumping jacks.

In between all that I made it to my appointment a little early, and then went grocery shopping. I was bummed at the store as I couldn't find any cashew butter. I had to settle for peanut butter... which is not nearly the same thing.

I have to call the doctor sometime this week and ask more questions. Well, I won't talk to the Dr himself, but rather to his nurse, but that is close. Right? I am on blood thinners for a clotting disorder, and my levels have been all over the place for the last two months. I haven't really changed what I have been eating, but I did start drinking more water, so I am wondering if that would affect the levels?

I have company coming in the morning tomorrow, so I will have to walk the dog a little earlier than normal. Grrrrr... I am NOT a morning person. I don't become coherent until 10am. lol!! I also have a meeting tomorrow night, so Cooper will go spend the evening with my mom and dad. Lucky dog!

So, if I can get to where I can comfortably tun 4 miles on the treadmill then I should be ready for my first 5k in the Spring. Right?
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