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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Okay, we all had our fun over the holidays, now back to reality and life as we know it. I went to work, did mom's banking,my banking on the way home, came home paid a pile of bills(I hate parting with thousands of dollars in one day!!!!!!!!)

I had another encounter at the bank with The Peter Principle". I put mom's checkbook, her check in the pneumatic tube,, told the clerk I wanted XX dollars in cash, and the amount remaining,YYY , deposited in the checking account, hence the checkbook.
I am the only customer in the drive through, sat there for ten minutes, tick-tock, what the heck is taking her so long?? Is she printing those bills with her feet or what??????
Finally, another five minutes(I timed her with radio songs), drank all of my beverage, balanced my checkbook, etc.
As I wipe away the cobwebs, she tells me to have a nice day, ,PooF! Tube comes through tunnel, I open envelope, see YYY amount of dollars instead of XXX in it, no bank slip whatsoever!! WTH??
I put the whole shebang back into the tube, shoot it back to her,, it sits there for five minutes as another lady drives up in next space. Tick-tock.. As my IRA earned more interest just waiting for her to even respond, the other lady is wondering why I am still there, shakes her head,,
five minutes later, Becky, cool nice clerk, leaves her lobby teller spot and comes back to ask me why this stuff is in a tube and I sent it back.. I tell her they owe me about $360... and WHY,,that's what.. OH!

She spends another Ten minutes mending the mess other clerk made, sends me my $$, ,, other clerk never says Hello, goodbye or kiss my a$$!!!! NO, "I am sorry", or Excuse me, I made a mistake",, nada!!!


Is it just me, am I a royal bit-h? Are my expectations in life WAY up there??

Last week when I was leaving the bank, a guy about thirty years old was TRYING to get out of the bank. Trying,, he kept PULLING on the door. The door handle IS the word P*U*S*H!! Letters a foot high that say PUSH!!!! IN bright red!! raised!!! IN English!!
I was on the outside trying to push it towards him and he actually got angry, gave me "the look" and kept on pulling the door handle!! I finally just yanked it open and let him fall forward !!!
He was sober, spoke English and had no service dog or white cane!!! My God, what is this world coming to when human being cannot even operate a door handle in broad daylight???????
He hopped into a brand new, $50,000 shiny new truck too!! I am driving my seven year old car that I love, BUT MY-lanta!!!!
Sometimes I feEl like when the next couple generations die off, all of these clueless space cadets will just fall off the FLAT EARTH!!!

I am now going to swear on my dad's ashes that every single person under the age of forty that I work with has never, ever heard of :
A. PT-109 (A lady thought it was a vitamin)
B. Paul Revere
C. A one eyed jack
D. Liberace (One guy thought it was the word Declaration of Independence in French!)
E. term life insurance
F. Roe vs WADE.(One girl thought it was something about FISHING in a stream!)
G. Thought Bull Run was the middle of a target!

BE VERY AFRAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I needed to vent that....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Been there, there are all kinds of people who just dont care or they
    Dont know much about the job they are susposed to do. But give
    Them a video game, or texting on cell phone, and they are in the right world.
    1877 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    I hear you - it reminded me of an email my brother in law sent me about having to fill out an accident (WCB?) form at work and how it was tough for him to do as he was so USED to having spell checkers and word processing programmes etc and he is OLDER than me (no wonder IN SPITE of my education I retain being a CLOSET LUDDITE). People of the younger generation seem to have (what I call) a sort of disconnect with the world (at least a WE understood it).
    1877 days ago
    Oh, Linda, it's as if you heard a conversation we had recently. We were saying that "today's generations" have never typed on a manual typewriter... don't remember TV pre-remote control... have never actually dialed a phone number... we came up with all kinds of things. I don't think it makes me feel old so much as it feels me with a sense of wonder, lol!
    1877 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Agree with you. Great blog; we all have to vent once in awhile! Scary stuff there at the end, though . . . emoticon
    1877 days ago
    My sentiments entirely. Our generation is the gifted generation with common sense, general knowledge and accuracy.

    I feel I have lived in a great time in history , it's been a good place to be.
    It all seems to be going down hill fast.

    I was happy to read your vent, I enjoyed it in fact, (((HUGS)))
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1877 days ago
    I always take the time to go in.
    Drive Thru's=Chronic mistakes
    1877 days ago
    The problem is you're about 10 years behind the times. You're expectations are out of touch with today's reality. You expect competence. People aren't taught that anymore. They're taught narcissism. I'm hoping to move back to Aldebaran soon.
    1878 days ago
    That's why I go inside. You can get a manager if things aren't up to snuff.
    1878 days ago
    I'd have been beating the snot out of the "Call" Button on that danged machine!

    Incredible the level of incompetence these days.

    1878 days ago
    I hear you - load and clear over here - and they have jobs ? wth - I do not get it ! You know Linda, the thing is that they think we are stupid, Its incredible ! Do you think he can read the street signs ? LOL Hugs K
    1878 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/2/2013 5:00:10 PM
  • _MOBII_
    Haha! One eyed jacks are wild and suicide king kills your hand!

    I loved this blog and I agree, we just might be a pair...oh and a PS for you re: my blog....one sure way to get me TO DO something is to tell me not to, heheh!!
    1878 days ago
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