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Time for Assisted Living?

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I sure hope not, but there are days. lol

First off, my mid-life insomnia allowed me less than three hours sleep last night. Of course, I was just dozing off again when the alarm went off at 5:00am. Up, showered, and out the door to get hubby to the surgery center for his first cataract surgery. No big deal, but the regimen of eye drops keeps one on his/her toes. My husband is more than capable, but likes to be babied, so I'm indulging him for the time being. By 9:00 am, I had him back home and had been to two pharmacies (ended up back next door to the surgery center we'd just left because I hadn't read the fine print on the prescription stating "most pharmacies don't carry this particular medication"). Home, more drops, stuff around the house, lunch, more drops, then off to my pre-op physical. YAY - I am now the proud owner of a cam boot (can you smell the sarcasm?)! I won't be wearing it until my post-op appointment on 1/24, so now it stands in the corner of the bedroom smirking at me every chance it gets. I really wasn't supposed to leave him alone for 24 hours post-op, but we kinda cheated, the doctor's assistant gave us the under-the-table okay.

Tomorrow we have conflicting appointments, so hubby will be driving himself to the eye doctor. Hope he can see! Then we get a few days off from medical issues; except for the ever-changing eye drop schedule.

Next Thursday is my surgery date and he has a follow-up eye appointment on the same day which they refuse to change - not sure how that will work, since I'm out-patient. All our family is otherwise engaged, but we can probably get someone to make an adjustment if he can't get me home and settled before he has to go. Then we'll start the annoying drop schedule for the other eye in addition to the current one because he's having the second one done five days later.

In the middle of all this are two dental appointments, blood draws, and a full physical and scheduling his stress test. Hoping we don't get too much snow anytime soon either. Oh and the furnace continues its fickle ignites/doesn't ignite; I'm probably going to have to get the plumbing/heating guy here tomorrow and just HOPE it acts up when he does. We had a couple lengthy episodes during the holiday weekend and shutting everything down for about half an hour seemed to clear it - totally opposite of what they thought would happen, so we're back to square one. I sure am glad I have my wood stove in the kitchen just in case in our current temps in the teens.

So, it's coming down to survival of the fittest or assisted living? Actually, I just want to get through it all so we can get back to our normal life. But right now I just need a nap. Yes Virginia, this is what retirement can look like at times.....
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