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*** The Fitbit - Ideas and Suggestions From Those Who Have One ***

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I have seen a lot of people are using the Fitbit - Coach Nichole, my niece Sarah, and a couple of my team mates, Carol and Cathy are using the Fitbit.

So I thought I would post a blog to get feed back from those who are using it before I invest in the program.

Do leave your comments below - I already have a pedometer, heart monitor and I am just wondering, do I really need yet another fitness toy?? Thanks very much for responding.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I did get my FitBit but I haven't even taken it out of the pkge yet. It's near the top of the to-do list, but that list is soooo long
    1865 days ago
    I find that I am really looking for ways to keep moving because of the FitBit---so it is really a good thing for me!
    1869 days ago
    Can't comment on this ... I've never tried the Fitbit.
    1874 days ago
    I LOVE my FitBit! It's SO easy to use -- and the computer "part" is NOT hard at all (in my opinion)!!

    I have the long FitBit -- the one they are discontinuing (got it cheaper due to that) -- I forget the name of it... It clips very securely onto the edge of my pocket -- it's slender so not noticeable at all which is a HUGE improvement in comparison to the pedometer I used to wear.

    I like how it counts flights of stairs too -- but it only counts the UP flights...kind of a "down-side" in my opinion - although I'm guessing it at least counts the steps I take when I go down...

    I really like the feature where it'll analyze your sleep patterns too! I can't say I learned anything "earth-shattering" -- but it DID confirm what I was thinking -- my sleep is VERY interrupted usually -- like 22 "awake times" in about a 6 hour span alot of times... I don't wear it to bed all the time though -- I did for two weeks solid when I first got it and then have only done it occasionally since then.

    I like the feature where it syncs here on Spark - which is easy to do too!

    If you're pleased with your pedometer, I'm not sure I'd worry about getting a FitBit -- depending on the features your pedometer includes.... The FitBit (at least the one I have) tells me steps, mileage, calories burned (although I feel their numbers are a bit on the high side), flights of stairs climbed... Is any of that something you really need/want to know -- that your pedometer doesn't provide for you?? Maybe Cathy could give you info on what all features her "model" has too...

    One thing I'd for sure check out IF you're considering getting one is Amazon -- or will that cost too much shipping wise since you're in Canada?? I recommend checking there because I was able to save almost $20 buying mine on there...
    1876 days ago
    I'm glad you posted this blog. I'll be interested in the feedback you get, too.
    1876 days ago
    I do like it---but I don't like how it is inflating my fitness minutes here on Spark---but they are working on that from a Message board post I saw---right now I have to go unlog those minutes to have an accurate count of fitness minutes---but I do like that it logs my steps automatically----lets me know how active I have been step wise. And I got the zip---think Carol as the longer one that has more options---but I don't need too many options---LOL---it does have a much tighter and different clip---holds well, actually clipped it today to my pants---but have worn it lose in my pocket and on my bra strap on Sunday when had no pockets. Like the soft protective case and does not irritate me on the waist band when sitting like over pedometers have done---wear it there on my pjs in the morning.
    1876 days ago
    I am expecting my dd to bring me one when she returns from the US. I have not had good luck with pedometers as the clips have broken or they re-set constantly and the Fitbit is much higher quality so neither of those issues should be a problem. I know I respond to a challenge so it will be motivating to get those numbers up, up, up.
    I am not a talented computer person so the "computer interface" may be a challenge.
    I expect to get mine Jan 12, so will let you know how it goes.
    1876 days ago
    I love my Fitbit. It gets me moving when I wouldn't otherwise. I take the long way around the office to refill my water so I can get additional steps in. I get up and walk more often to get my numbers higher. I love the computer interface and the statistics it racks up. I absolutely recommend it if you're looking for a connected pedometer.
    1876 days ago
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