I'm Back From My, Xmas & New Year, Holiday Periods Now.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I'm back from my, Xmas & New Year, Holiday Periods now &, the 1st thing that, i would like to, do is to wish, all my lovely online, Sparkfriends Old & New, a very very HAPPY, NEW YEAR & may all your, Dreams what ever they, are all come TRUE, for you all etc, etc lol lol !!!!.

I had a really really, lovely break & am, now fully refreshed relaxed, & full of energy, so i want to, make my Dream come, TRUE this New Year, which is to lose, 7 stones 9 lbs, to get to my, Ideal Weight of being, 10 stone i currently, Weigh at the moment, (17 stones 1 lbs), lol lol lol lol.

My Diet Plan which, i told i started, last year as is, in my Blogs etc, etc etc etc which, i was concerned about, with it being the, Xmas & New Year, Holiday Periods (i, was dreading this as, i thought that i, wud fall at the, 1st Hurdle but i, never did at all, i kept to my, Diet Plan honestly).

Plus i hardly drank, any Alcohol what so, ever except 4 2, occasions i had 2, White Wine Spritzers when, i was at Helen, & Johnny's Home with, my Mum & the, 2nd occasion was when, i got back home, & Mum had put, a Bottle of Cherry, Lambrini Wine in my, Xmas Food Gift Hamper.

Apart from that no, Alcohol what so ever, has passed touched my, Lips not even on, New Years Eve which is normally, when i have loads, & loads to drink, (Before my Type, 2 Diabetes Diagnosis), now (After my Type, 2 Diabetes Diagnosis), no don't fancy any, Alcohol at all !!!!.

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