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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Today marks the fifth year to the day since I started writing this blog, when I began this journey I was a 534 pound man that had not many options as far as what he could do physically and things felt pretty hopeless when weight loss was the subject matter. I had worked my way down to a low weight of 305 pounds "new low its weigh in day"
in May of 2010 and then leveled off at around 320 pounds and stayed there for a bit while I honed my bicycle riding skills while falling in love with cycling once again. The yoyo game which many of us call weight loss/dieting began sneaking into my way of life as I got more comfortable, this is something that I noticed so I took measures to counteract it. I ate mostly whole foods, stuck to my low calorie high nutrition eating plan which was working but I came up to roughly 330 pounds as cycling became a huge part of my life everything was awesome in my world as far as health went.

I have mentioned in this blog in the past that there are some stress points in my day to day that I cannot do anything about and will not talk about in this blog but have worked through them the best that I could, most of the time I am able to keep my Diet/Health/Workouts out of the way but many times its a turning point for me and I found myself "stress eating" because of it. Yes yes, get over it fat boy, figure it out and work around it... if only it were that easy. June 2011 I was doing awesome again, that unstoppable kind of awesome, my weight had stablized around 330 pounds again and I was on a warpath to get under that mythical line in the sand that I had drawn so long ago..299 pounds. An extremely stressful day became so much worse when I learned that I had lost my mother, I was in California less than 24 hours later to be with family and handle all that comes with that and held my own with staying mostly strict while there.

Slowly but surely I put weight back on, the loss of my Mom impacted me as it would anyone but what it meant for me was weight was coming back on and I did not know how to get back into a mindset that would allow me to be successful with my health program. The day that I learned about my mom I weighed 339 pounds and had written this post "you fat f**k" earlier in that day and was on a roll with getting my $hit back together as far as my health went. Today as I write this I am unsure what I weigh because my scale in the house is broken and I haven't cared to replace it yet but I am fairly certain that I have crossed out of the 300's even if only by a couple pounds. The fact that I allowed myself to slip back so far after beating the hell out of myself and getting down as far as 305 pounds pisses me off to no end.

For the past few weeks I have been getting myself back into the better eating thing once again and while I feel better as I said I need to get a new scale before I know an exact weight to see just how far I allowed myself to slide backwards. I cannot and will not blame anything or anyone but myself for the backslide and have to remember that I am human and will screw up, we all do but making my way back down the path and reaching a healthy weight that lets me live how I want to live must be a priority for me. As hectic as my life has become I am going to try to write here as often as I possibly can as I believe this blog was a major part of my previous success, having a place to draw on my own words and feelings as things change is an awesome tool for anyone.

I am planning on posting my weight as soon as I have it and going back to my oldschool style of posting a weight with objects that weigh what I have lost each week etc, any of my old readers will understand this but the visuals are amazing motivators!

Five years ago I decided to change my life for the better and I have by leaps and bounds, this is just another chapter in that story and I hope that you will follow along and cheer me on or tell me to buck up and get a workout in, either way here we go...

As Ever
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    My brother, if any can do this, it is you.

    While incredibly late, my condolences, I didn't realized your mother had died.
    1507 days ago
    sorry for the loss of your mom , you know the way and what needs to be done youcan and will do this I cant wait to read all about it
    1540 days ago
    I love reading your blogs...

    Your journey has been incredible (from where I stand). You have had ups and downs...but you are strong. Stay focused, you are worth it!

    I want to hear about your rides again.

    Here is to day 1826...
    1541 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/4/2013 10:53:34 AM
    yeah! you're back!!
    1542 days ago
  • PSMITH3841
    So sorry to hear about the loss of your Mother. I can only imagine the devastation you must feel. My heart goes out to you and your family. I'll be with you every new step you take toward the return to your healthy lifestyle and goals. I'll be there cheering you on (I'll be the one with the big mouth in the rear of the crowd, you'll be sure to hear me!) emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1542 days ago
    Happy New Year...lets make 2013 a great one...It is a BIG year fro the both of us :)

    1542 days ago
    So sorry about your loss, but very glad that you've begun again to take back your life.
    Wishing you well.

    1542 days ago
    Keep on keepin' on....don't give up. that's what we all have to do!!
    1542 days ago
    just look at all the support you have here, I'm still following you on facebook as well
    emoticon never give in but mainly do it for YOU!
    1542 days ago
    Hey Tony, fellow human being here and working on bouncing back as well. Life sure can knock us back with some doozies, eh? But you're here. We're here. And we're all about reclaiming our lives as best we can, day by day. It's wonderful to hear from you again!

    1542 days ago
    You are, after all, looking for encouragement? You have more than enough reason to get with the program and get into losding again. emoticon
    1543 days ago
    I've ridden the yo-yo as well. I'm looking forward to driving mine down with you!
    1543 days ago
  • KATELOSS2009
    thank you so much for sharing your true self with us - we're all in this together, and despite the setbacks, as long as we keep moving, we'll get there...

    (and I LOVE the pics with the objects - it really shows how much weight we've actually lost! perspective is everything...)

    Here's to an incredible new year, and to having awesome new adventures...
    1543 days ago
    I'm with you on this. I have the daily stress that causes me to yo-yo in my eating and workouts. I need to (as you put it) get over it fat boy! I had huge success in the past but am right back to where I started if not a few pounds above. I am now 41 years old which is 7 years older than my mother was when she passed away from complications related to diabetes. I know I'm playing with a ticking timebomb and I need to stop this crap! I know you can do this. You were a big inspiration to me in my first successful run at getting fit and I know we can both do this and make it stick this time!
    1543 days ago
    I am sorry to hear of the loss of you Mom & your struggles.

    to cheer you on I have this to say: you have done amazing before & you know you can do it & you are getting in the mind set to do it - you have been an inspiration to me & I know you will continue to be one.

    Best in 2013!
    1543 days ago
    You are so correct, this is just another chapter. In life, there are very few things that truly have an endpoint, we've got to keep on keepin' on day by day. Best of luck in this latest chapter, you have my support as always!
    1543 days ago
    I saw a number of great quotes on another blog, so I'm sharing one of the best with you.

    "Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Carl Bord

    Here's to the best in all of us!!
    1543 days ago
    I know it is tough to make time for yourself... but if you aren't the best "you" then you can't be the best for others around you. Take it one small step at a time. If you are on Facebook check out "Constructing a New Rick". He started his journey last year at over 400 pounds. Best to you in 2013
    1543 days ago
    Thanks for the update. I've been following your blog for over three years, and I always appreciate your honesty. This came at a perfect time for me because I was just thinking about how to deal with some pounds that have crept back on during the past year. This was a big old (figurative) smack upside the head to remind me that the only person responsible for me is me.

    Now let's drink our water and make time for a workout.
    1543 days ago
    Here to cheer you on!! Life interferes sometime and you are right we can't use it as an excuse but it still happens. There is no reason why you cannot drop the weight again. We are all here to support you.
    1543 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000
    Our duty is to faithfully serve the Lord where we are. When we serve Him faithfully today, He will look after our tomorrow’s! Shout Praises of JOY to Him! Vic.
    1543 days ago
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