Day Two of 2013

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Couldn't sleep well last night and I think that's why I'm up so early this morning. Looks like it's going to be a long day for me.:-(

I think I'm excited a little bit because I'm going home this weekend to see my dad, my hubbys parents and also my friend Michelle. I have so much crammed into this weekend it's not even funny. Friday morning I'm picking Brandon up from work and we are headed straight out. I have to make it to Lampassas by 11am I have a funeral to attend. My friend Michelle is counting on me to be there. Her grandmother passed away on new years eve. Then it's off to Gatesville to pick up the girls. My nieces I can't wait to see them it's been awhile now. I'm taking them to my Dad's house and they are going to open presents and stay the night at my Dad's on Friday. Then Saturday I have to take them back to Gatesville because the youngest has basketball tryouts and she wants me to come. So I'll be going! Then when I get back we are headed to Brandon's parents to open presents and stay with them Saturday. We are going to be headed home early Sunday morning. I have to say I'm going to need another weekend to recover from this one.

Plus on top of all this I will be getting my goals done as well! :-)

I thought writing this down would help get everything out of my head and it did. But it also made me realize how much stuff I have to get done before this all happens as well. Man this week is going to be busy!! Oh well at least I wont be bored right?
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