New Years- Easy Day

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Today was just a nice low key day. Work was nice ans easy and super slow. I even left at noon. Something I am rarely able or wiling to do. Jim had the day off so thought it would be nice to spend some extra time with him since i have had to work so much lately. We got some errands out of the way and did a lot of indoor walking at the places we went to. Hit IKEA for a table top for the reloading area downstairs. That place is huge and a nice walk on a cold day.

Jim was playing with his new camera lens taking pictures of a dead spider. He was telling me about the spider and the problem he was having getting it posed just right. I of course used Dr. McCoy's famous line "He's dead Jim". And got the "look" for my efforts. But the timing was perfect.

Kicked back with a couple of movies and did all the renewals that came in the mail on Monday. Expecting an avalanche in the mail on Wednesday and Thursday. And then it's going to be too bad so sad for a few members. Will be going by the postmark on the envelope. A few days not a biggie, but when it gets to be a 5 days or more late, then that's a problem. I can see light at the end of the tunnel-yippee!

Have Wednesday off and taking my mom to the doctor. Hopefully she gets her cast of her wrist tomorrow. She is so looking forward to that.

Off to bed. Hope everyone had a safe New Years.
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