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2012 in review, with pictures and numbers. Hey, I did math!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I'd like to show you where 2012 started:

It was January 1st, so it was mandatory for me to "Begin Anew". But honestly, I wasn't really feeling it. According to Spark, I got in a whole 181 fitness minutes for the month, and that was mostly in the first half, so, yeah... Not a spectacular start. I was still in the grips of my "Woe is me" phase. I had developed plantar fascaiitis in spring of 2011, so I spent quite a few months feeling sorry for myself because I couldn't do what I wanted to do. Gaining weight is what happens in that phase. Absolutely NOTHING happened in February.

On March 12th, I woke up. I wasn't happy with my weight, I wasn't happy with how I looked, I wasn't happy with how I felt, and I clearly had to do SOMETHING. That's when I got an email from Weight Watchers. I'd been a WW member back in FL, some 4.5 yrs before, and getting WW emails was something I was used to. But to decide that I had to do something and get an email offering free registration and reduced rates for 3 months not even 5 minutes later? Yep. I signed up for WW right then and there, looked up meetings in my area, and went to my first meeting the next morning, Tues, March 13th. I bought inserts for my newly bought sneakers and started walking. I didn't look back.

Here's June of 2012:

I started Couch to 5K, and alternated walking days with running days. With the inserts, my feet didn't hurt nearly as much as they had, so I kept it going. I signed up for a couple of 5K's, which got me here in July:

I re-joined Gold's Gym in October and rediscovered the joy of Zumba. I let the running slide, but I was still active and I was ok with that. Which brings us to the end of 2012. This is what I saw in December:

It's not where I had thought I'd be when I started in March, but I can live with it. It means reaching goal weight later than I'd planned, but so what? I'll get there, and that's all that matters. I'm feeling pretty gosh-darned good about myself right now. Now, for the math I promised you!

In 2012, I did over 225 workouts, that came out to about 11,366 minutes, or approximately 189 hours. April was my best month, with 39 workouts totaling 1778 minutes. Straight up average? That would be 947 minutes per month, 18 workouts. But as I said earlier, January and February were losses, so taking them out makes for better, more realistic numbers: 22 workouts per month, for about 1136 minutes.

Not bad, right? But hold on... you ain't seen nothing yet, dearest Spark buddies. Just wait for the 2013 numbers to come in!!

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