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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear SP friends!
I have been on hiatus, but it is time to get a hold on my weight gain after the holidays. I know it is a cliche to start a weight loss program with the new year, but it is just too easy to start a new streak with day 1, easier to count.
1. Take a daily complete vitamin every day. I've been a little sluggish. I need the antioxidants and D for these short days where I go to work and come home in the dark.
2. Start with 10 minutes on the elliptical every day.
3. Changing up my face cleansing routine for my over-50 face. I just got over a nasty winter cold and broke out from the fever spurts. I don't have teenage acne, nor am I "normal" so a better AHA cleanser and daily SPF lotion routine is in order.
4. Document! I need to know where I am starting in this new year, so I can track my successes. Today I start with my new "starting" point of 224lbs (UGH!!) and starting measurements.
5. Implement my daily requirements of water, fruits, and veggies, as I have been lacking in this area over the past month, replaced by Christmas cookies, treats, and chocolate. I recently read an article on the importance of daily water intake, as all SP friends know, a minimum of 8-8oz servings of water per day, but that is to MAINTAIN. To actually have water work on the behalf of weight loss, an overweight person should actually drink 1/2 their body weight in ounces of water per day. Which, for me, would mean 200-212oz of water per day. With so much water, who would have time to overeat? So, I will implement into my daily intake regimen. Who knows? We'll see.
6. Start tracking my nutrition and activity on SP again. I want to concentrate on more time away from my computer than time AT the computer, so I will not be keeping up on communications as much as actually DOING food planning & tracking, and exercise. This is where I got bogged down before. After 9-10 hours in front of my computer at work, I would come home and be on my computer for another 3-4 hours keeping up on SP friends and gaining SP points. I need to concentrate on more REAL progress than cyber progress, for now. Not that I don't love all my SP friends, but getting away from my computer is one of my goals for 2013. I'm too attached.
7. I need progress for better health, or I will start to get sick again. I don't want high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type II diabetes, as well as a fatty liver. But I feel it all setting in, and my stress level doesn't help either. I have access to an open yoga class every Friday night 2 blocks from my home that I have yet to take advantage of, but will starting this week.
8. START! Ready-set-go! I have to make some edits to my Spark Page, then need to set my plan into motion.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! I'm hoping to make 2013 my "Lucky 13!"
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