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Year in Review - full 2012 Goal Results

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

emoticon Maintain my weight at +5 / -14 pounds
I was within range for 6 months and over range for six months. So technically I missed this goal. But I stayed within 10 pounds over my original SP goal weight of 134, which was basically my 1st original goal before I joined SP. I had wanted to be between 140-145, which is where I stayed during those months I was over my 2012 goal range so I feel like it was a win even though I did not meet the actual published goal. I learned that I made my range too narrow on the + side.

emoticon Become a half fanatic by the end of August

emoticon Do some sort of housecleaning or maintenance daily

emoticon Break my dependence on Splenda

emoticon Finalize my budget by the end of Jan and stick to it to pay off at least 3 loans by Dec.
Actually paid off 8 off them, but this is not as impressive as it sounds. I had not included 3 or 4 of the small ones in my original tally, and many were small debts ($750 or less each). But still, I have less debt now and according to my budget will have everything except my USA house paid off by the end of 2015.

emoticon Ready to test for black belt by end of June
Postponed by the instructor to August because of test date availability but goal accomplished! I am a black belt!

emoticon finish mailbox / light switches / outlets / floors / doors / ceiling fans / curtains before I move

emoticon Run my first marathon by October 21
With the delay in black belt testing I chose to postpone this goal to 2013. I did not want to risk injury by either over-training for both physical goals at the same time or rushing marathon training into 2.5 months. I chose to focus on earning my black belt.

emoticon Other goals as they occur to me.

emoticon Have fun and stress less!
More up months than down, even with the stress of moving to a foreign country and getting set up here. I still hate my phone company though, with a special loathing previously reserved for pushups and my ex-husband.

emoticon weekly pushup challenge with GETSTRONGRR and SAFARIBABE
I hate the damned things but it was the impetus I needed to get past my personal feelings about this exercise and get it done. Which paid off handsomely at black belt testing. And I still maintain my complete and utter loathing of pushups from the bottommost depths of my soul…but still do them every day.

emoticon New Goal – Marathon Training
Halfway there!
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