A Sense of Deja Vu!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Someone dying is pretty sad---but someone one was aquainted with dying suddenly is a jolt-----specially when it has shades from your own Tragedy a year earlier!!This New Year for me is overshadowed by a deep feeling of Sorrow--the Past is back in all it's entirety!!
V.K. and Sulochana moved into our Complex 37 years ago as newly weds--like Sudhir and me they too were each other's first cousins.Sulochana was a member of our Kitty Party Circle till the birth of her daughter but after that the baby became her top priority and she left the Circle.We used to meet often in the Compound downstairs but being an introvert she was never really a friend--more of an aquaintance really.She had come to meet me last year after I returned home following Sudhir's death to offer her Condolences to me.
It was on Saturday that I learnt of V.K.'s death.Like Sudhir, he too had fallen to his death in the Bathroom----and just like Sudhir the reason given was Arteriosclerosis.The family had been visiting the famous Holy Shrine of Tirupati when V.K. suddenly collapsed in the Bathroom just as they were to leave for the Airport to catch the Flight home.The entire scenario brought back all the memories--and meeting Sulochana after the Funeral was very painful.Like me, she too was frozen with shock--completely incoherent and out of sync with the situation--and yes like me, she too is numb with shock!!The transportation of the Body back to Mumbai,the subsequent delay in getting the Death Certificate after the Post Mortem in Mumbai and the delay in getting a slot at the Crematorium made me say a silent Prayer to The Almighty for our decision to perform the last rites in L.A. itself--the Red Tape and the Formalities are too painful and excruciating to bear in a state of immense Grief and Shock.
Since Saturday I've spent the Time just going over the period following Sudhir's death--which has suddenly come back into a very clear and sharp focus once more!!While I was slowly coming to terms with the emptiness of my Life I have been flung right back to where it all began--19th.October 2011!!Now praying once more for the Courage to deal with the fresh onslaught of Emotion--twice as strong now----since the anaesthesia of the initial shocking numbness has worn off!!
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