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2012 ending year HIGHLIGHTS

Monday, December 31, 2012

So, a New Year is on the way. Iím really looking forward to this fresh new start. I had a wonderful 2012 and I would not change a thing. I lost a great bit of weight in 2012 and Iím so happy to say that I wonít be moving into 2013 with those unwanted 27.8 pounds. Now, I know I could have done better than 27.8 pounds, but you know what. 27.8 pounds is a damn good number, and I earned every pound that I lost. I gained some, and I lost some, but you know what beats the gains. I got back on and I started again and again. I walk away with a win at the end of the year. Who can complain about 27.8 pound gone? I donít think anyone would complain about that. I gave 2012 the best of me, and I learnt a lot about me along the way.

One might askÖwhat did I learn along the way? Well, Rome wasnít built in a day and I shouldnít think that this ďweightĒ that is on my body is going to move in one freaking day. I also learned that this isnít a rush-rush-rush process, and in order to process stuff I have to be kind to myself and be grateful for those outcomes that come about from the madness.
Oh sure! I had a few hissy-fits along the way. The scale wasnít moving in the direction that I saw fit, but when I was on my cloud 9 ĖI promise you no one not even the good ole master of tricks himself could have brought me down with ďweight loss magic talkĒ so I can get it done faster. This is a timely process, and you have to understand that Rome wasnít built in a freaking day. Not even the great United States was built in a day. So why must I act as if I can do me in just one day. Itís not a happening factor for me. This is the truth. When the weight drops youíll notice, theyíll notice, and the world will keep on turning. Hey, we arenít going to lose a day because 100 people gained a little weight. It doesnít work like that. Well, not in my world. I donít know how your world works, but my world works on one big truth and that truth isÖ God will see me through anything I set my mind to do.

So, 2012 is ending on a positive note for me.
Iím 27.8 pound down.
Iím happy and a hard working woman, and I will forever be working hard on losing weight, taking care of my family, and most of allÖtaking care of my business, and that business is me living and leading a healthy life.
Iím working on my 100 days of living well in 2013. I havenít finished my plans as of yet, but Iím a bit known for reinventing the wheel so to speak. I donít mind making a few changes here and there, but here I stand at 179.2 at the end of the year and Iím dealing with ďTOMĒ too. Whoís going through that? Iím sure many others, but I donít mind the ďTOMĒ itís not bring me down or giving me the blues, itís just another cycle of life.

Iím happy, thankful, grateful, and I know in 2013 this weight loss chatter and roller coaster to losing it will come to an end. I will finish what I started in 2012, but letís look back to see a few of my accomplishment in 2012.
I wish you all well, and Iím so sorry I donít have a December ending photos. Due to cold and other whatnots going on in my life, Iíll save the update New Year starting photos for January 6th thatís a Sunday, and the rest of my starting stats and information for 2013.

Happy New Yearís EveryoneÖ
Be blessed in all you do.

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