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MY 100%

Monday, December 31, 2012

I made myself a last minute goal to get 100 miles in with my NIKE + running app. before the end of the year. I didn't start it until sometime after july. Anyway.... I finished it today!
I went with my daughter to her school to watch Elizabeth. So we took her stroller and walked this way and that way and up and down the incline. after 2 miles she fell asleep. I dropped her with my daughter and did my own thing for the rest of the time. I finished with taking the stairs to a different floors and walking around and did that for a little bit. went back to get a drink of water and she said I am going to pack up now... so I said I will take another lap or two around. I did the stair thing again came back and hit done. didn't even look at how far I had done. I could do more later if I needed to. It added the miles from today and stopped at... are you ready for this?....

100.00 miles. EXACTLY.

How awesome is that? I think that is a very good omen for me for next year. I did finish college this year- which is a very big accomplishment... and loose about 25 pounds.
But monetarily this year has been super hard with things getting stolen and items needed repairs around the house. I spent over$ 1200 more on my house for repairs than I usually do. then had my iphone which was 200, stolen so had to buy another one and another contract 200.00, then it broke- 170.00 with insurance to replace it. I also had a leaf blower stolen, kindle fire, GPS, and my purse. add to that my laptop was repaired- that didn't last so got a new one.
Yep- this has been a RED year for me. But.... I have great hopes for the coming year!

I think that it is a message to me to give MY 100% into whatever I do. I didn't give my all at everything and look what I accomplished.
What will my life look like if I do??? I'll let you know next year!

(I say my 100% because everyone has a different amount that they can put out. And judging yourself against anyone else --- just doesn't work well.)
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