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My December

Monday, December 31, 2012

... because it was MY December.
I can own December, because I finally started to take control (just a bit) in December.
I made choices in December. Small ones, mostly. Good ones, some of the time. Bad ones, on a few occasions.
I made progress in December.
And I set goals in December.
Two of them.
One was to achieve a 1:08 10k (my last 10k - in October - was 1:13, I know I can do better and it was time to put that behind me)
Another goal was to see the number 75 kilos on the scale (even if it was followed by a .9)

I crushed the first goal (1:05:40!!) last Friday, after accumulating 3 times the running mileage in December as I put in in November.
And I missed out on the second goal, despite really kicking it up a gear this week (I lost 1.5 kilos, roughly 3 pounds), it was still not enough to undo the damage from last week, and my '75' goal will just have to wait another week or so. (This evening I weighed 76.9. My WW meeting is at 7pm so I'm sure I weighed less in the morning but excuses are not helping anyone, right?)

It's funny to think that about a year or so ago - 75 was a frighteningly high number for me and now I'm yearning to see it again. I actually don't think the number really reflects my physical state though. I am in better shape and my clothes even fit a little better than they did a month ago, and I feel better about myself now than I did when I first hit 75 on the way up... so that's a thing.
This past week has also been intense on the fitness side – I ran a 10k, increased the mileage on my regular runs, and attended 3 different classes at the new fitness center I joined last week. I also signed up for 2 more races in the coming months, which means that I’m already signed up for 4 different 10k races in the next 2.5 months. (there are a couple more I’m considering –not sure why but I’ve become obsessed with signing up for races. Maybe because in Prague there were only a couple races a year (which were spectacular and I LOVED them!), and here there seems to be a race in a nearby city practically every weekend(!)
Today I was *this close* to paying the annual fee to join a running group, (it’s a set annual fee, so it starts from January 1st no matter when you join, and I just happened to find the website on December 31st – that must be a sign, right?) But I stopped myself and decided to find out a little bit more about it before I fork over the money that I am currently not even earning…. (still unemployed, but let’s not dwell on that now)
Oh, and did I mention I bought a groupon today for five yoga classes? I’ve never EVER done yoga and in fact, I’ve been actively avoiding it for years (my mom has been seriously practicing for about 30 years and is always trying to convince me to try it). Basically, I’m a sucker for groupons. Must get in control of that. But what the hell – might as well try out yoga first, right?
So maybe I should take a step back and make a serious fitness plan for the next few months instead of rushing into a bunch of new things all at once, right? But hey, at least I’m finally getting out there and trying new things and feeling good about it!

Another goal I had for December (I think I wrote a status about it early this month, but didn't add it to my “official” goal blog, the one with a grand total of TWO goals) was to be more active on sparkpeople. I had really been out of it for a while there (October-November), and I'm happy to report that I've logged on almost every day this month. (I may have missed one or two days - does anyone know where you can see a report on your log-ins? Not that it really matters that much, come to think of it, just curious)
I've also been more active in SP friend interactions, reading more blogs and trying to reach out to YOU, dear people, because you are inspirational and awesome and REAL. You achieve amazing things and you struggle and stumble just like I do, and you support and encourage me and everyone else. I really feel like the community that exists here is a huge asset to anyone’s health and wellbeing journey.
I haven't been using all the spark tools though, as much as I used to. Since joining weight watchers, I've stopped trying to track calories on SP, and I have to admit that the points plus system (which I admit - often includes some guesstimating on my part!) is SO much easier than counting calories, which I found to be exhausting.
I've also stopped tracking fitness points - though I haven't stopped working out!! I have an excel file where I log all my workouts anyway, and it's just easier to have it all in one place, and it’s also less of a hassle (for me) than the fitness tracker on SP. I can easily see the whole month/week at one time, and color code it to my liking, etc.
I drink plenty of water, that’s never been an issue for me, but I’ve stopped keeping track of that on SP as well – it was a nice way to earn points, but I’ve decided that racking up SP points is not going to be my ultimate goal at the moment.
I want to take advantage of the SparkPeople website for the things I believe will help me the most – the community, the people, the accountability, a place to share my thoughts and rambling blogs. I think that realizing that I can use this tool in whichever way most benefits ME, and not have to feel bad about not completing EVERYTHING and using EVERY tool and trying to earn as MANY points as possible has been somewhat of a revelation for me this month. I appreciate the fact that SP provides so many different tools, opportunities and options to motivate and help its members, and I’m finally realizing that it’s OKAY to actively choose not to do everything.

So that’s it, for now. That’s MY December. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t hit my (fairly arbitrary, I’ll admit) weight goal, but on the other hand – I made more progress weightwise this month than in November, and I’m feeling a lot better about the upcoming weeks in that respect. The first few weeks at WW I was basically moving nowhere, gaining and losing 100-200 grams, pretty much just treading water. Now I’ve finally taken the plunge and I’m picking up momentum, which will hopefully keep carrying me forward into the new year.
So thanks for reading, supporting, liking and commenting. I am really happy that I managed to pull myself back into SP this month and I hope to be able to continue on this journey with you all.
I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and productive new year!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog. Welcome back to the wonderful world of SP, where you will surely be supported in ALL your goals stated above!
    I love groupons, too :-) But last year a bought a few that I didn't use, so that was bad! :-( HMMMMMMM...

    Anyway, congratulations on **YOUR** December!
    Keep on Sparking!!
    1752 days ago
    You OWN it Girl!!!
    Happy New Year.
    Here's to YOUR JANUARY!!!!
    1753 days ago
    Congratulations on a great December! I love your attitude that, even though you didn't hit one of your goals, you still made progress and that's just as important, if not more. Have fun trying out all the new fitness things--trying new stuff is how you find something you'll enjoy!

    Happy new year!
    1753 days ago
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