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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hope you all had a good holiday. I spent the most of mine soul searching. While I haven't come up with any clear answers, time alone to reflect is how I recharge. For the past few months, I've been going through a mid-life crisis of sorts (is this what I wanted my life to be?), and while I haven't fully sorted my internal knots out, it has been insightful.

I'm happy to say that my dad has fully recovered from his appendectomy from a few months ago. While usually fairly straightforward in most cases, my dad had special challenges due to his age and weight. Obesity makes all surgeries more complicated.

While I was with my parents last time, I educated them on the merits of a lower carb diet. Basically, my belief is the only essential carbs are vegetables. Wheat and starches can be enjoyed in moderation if desired, but are not at all essential. There's more vitamins and fiber in fruits and vegetables than a bran muffin.

Since September when my dad had his surgery, my parents have virtually eliminated breads and sugars from the house. A few months ago, my parents' house was packed full of junk food: Wonder Bread, donuts, and potato chips. I'm pleased that all of these are gone. We ate stuffing and pie with Christmas dinner, of course, but my family says that has been the first since my last visit. I overheard my mom asking my dad if he missed eating bread. He said no.

Here are the benefits he's currently boasting:

- Weight loss. When I gave him a hug at the airport, I was surprised I could get my arms almost all the way around him.
- Blood sugar so stable he's asking his doctor to take him off diabetes meds.
- Normal cholesterol, despite eating an egg for breakfast everyday (at my encouragement). In over 30 years of clinical trials, there is zero evidence that dietary cholesterol effects blood serum cholesterol. I'm trying to convince him to go off the statins.
- Less bloating and other ailments that elderly people usually like to complain about.
- Improved lung function. This one is a bit surprising, but he hasn't needed to use his supplemental oxygen. I'm guessing this is a function of weight loss. Obesity crushes the organs - literally.

My mom has lost some weight, too.

Both my parents say they are feeling better overall.

I did a fair amount of baking over the holidays, but I'm finished now. It was fun to make cookies and cakes to share with family and friends. But now I've resumed limiting wheats, starches, and sugars. It's just what works best for my family and me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am really happy to read about your dads health and your parents diet improvements. I give you credit for being able to get through to them and them credit for listening to you and heeding your advice. For so many people change is hard to take...especially when it comes to food.

    I am glad to see you back! Happy New Year!
    1872 days ago
    I've never been a fan of fried foods. I make baked chicken, not fried chicken. I don't like deep fried foods, which means I don't eat out! The foods that mess with my weight and health is poor to mediocre quality restaurant food, which is why I make meals at home!
    1873 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/1/2013 12:25:14 PM
    Great blog as usual!!

    Thanks for being a great Spark Friend and Inspiration in 2012.

    Looking forward to see what 2013 brings us!!

    ¸¸.•´¸.•*¨) ♥¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•*´¨`* ♥☆¸.•*´¨`*♥☆
    `*♥☆ Spread the Spark!!!
    1873 days ago
    I think the genetic ball just happened to bounce in my court. I have diabetes on both sides of my family. So, in theory, I should watch my intake of refined carbs. However, my blood sugar levels have always been excellent. Never had a problem with wheat or grain based foods messing with my stomach.

    Although, do you know what's messing with my stomach these days ? greasy and fried foods. I can't handle them anymore. I can have exactly 4 pieces of pepperoni. Any more than that and I'll be truly sorry. ;)

    1873 days ago
    1874 days ago
    This is great! What happy news :) my family is starting a 1-year weight loss journey. We'll be keeping a public blog and such...biggest loser style. We all need it and if we can do it as a family, all the better! Congrats to you and yours and keep up the good work!
    1874 days ago
    Way to go. It is awesome that you are having such a positive influence on your parents' health!
    1874 days ago
    ARCHIMEDESII: You are very lucky to not have any insulin resistance issues! My dad is Type 2 diabetic, and even the complex carbs were not agreeable with him. While I was never diagnosed diabetic, my personal observations shows I do better without wheat or starches. Not that I never eat them, but I treat them with the same reservation that I do with sweet treats. Just what works better for me!
    1874 days ago
    I'm with you sister! My long dark tea time of the soul for December is over! I caved to sweets and pies this month and felt the pants get ever tighter!

    No mas!

    Here's to a great 2013!
    1874 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/31/2012 5:39:02 PM
    How great that your folks are doing so much better! (You are nothing if not persuasive!)

    Have a wonderful New Year's and a wonder-filled new year!
    1874 days ago
    I think that is just awesome that your parents actually listened to you and followed what you suggested and have benefited from it. They are lucky to have a great caring daughter like you.
    1874 days ago
    Welcome back ! Glad to hear your father has fully recovered. Sounds like your parents are enjoying a healthier lifestyle too. Excellent.

    I'll admit it. I couldn't live without bread. While I don't eat as much white bread as I once did, I do like whole wheat, rye, pumperknickel, etc. I haven't had any issues with a high carb diet. My weight issues were a result of a high CRAP diet. LOL !

    Yeah, I over indulged at Christmas. Can't say no to cheesecake. I only eat it 2-3 times a year. So, I do enjoy it while I can.

    So, you getting ready for school ? I had some good news. I got a two week temp job at a local university. it's some progress.

    Happy New Year !!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1874 days ago
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