The 100 day real food challenge- 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

So instead of having New Years Resolutions I am setting new "intentions" for the new year. This comes from the yoga thought of setting your intention before each class. I am setting my intention for year as to what I plan on accomplishing this year. I am not dictated by my weight therefore it will not be anything like "lose 20 pounds".
My biggest challenge right now is my food and dedicating myself to healthy choices all the time. So I was cruising pinterest because I love it and I found a link to the Original 100 Day Pledge- 100 days of Real Food. It is a challenge done by a family of four and they took the pledge to live 100 days on real food only. There are rules and 14 weeks of mini challenges so I am excited that it is all outlined for me and makes things simple.
This is a link to the website if you want to read up on it or if you are dedicated and would like to try it with me.
Now I will say that I am realistic and I do not think I am going to make it 100 days straight but yet I am planning on doing the very best that I can and my new goal is to make it 100 days out of this year and 200 days out of next year- then by the third year I will be at 300 days- moving toward a healthy life style. I am excited that it gives me meal plans and recipies to help me stick with it. There is also a budget (which is the part that I am worried about- but I am planning of shopping at the farmers market and watching the ads for sales over the weeks). Since my family won't be doing it with me (I love them but this isn't for them) I can make a lot of meals and freeze the. You can check out the pledge on the site that I gave you. But here is an idea of the mini pledges (14 week challenges is how I am looking at them)
14 Weeks of “Real Food” Mini-Pledges:

Week 1: Two fruits and/or vegetables per meal – Eat a minimum of two different fruits or vegetables (preferably organic) with every breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal.
Week 2: “Real” beverages – Beverages will be limited to coffee, tea, water, and milk (only naturally sweetened with a little honey or 100% pure maple syrup). One cup of juice will be allowed throughout the week, and wine (preferably red) will be allowed in moderation (an average of one drink per day).
Week 3: Meat – All meat consumed this week will be locally raised (within 100-miles of your hometown). Meat consumption will also be limited to 3 – 4 servings this week, and when it is eaten meat will not be presented as the “focal point” of the meal. Instead meat will be treated as a side item or simply used to help flavor a dish.
Week 4: No fast food or deep-fried foods – No fast food or any foods that have been deep-fried in oil.
Week 5: Try two new whole foods – Try a minimum of two new whole foods that you’ve never had before.
Week 6: No low-fat, lite or nonfat food products – Do not eat any food products that are labeled as “low-fat,” “lite,” “light,” “reduced fat,” or “nonfat.”
Week 7: 100% Whole grain – All grains consumed must be 100% whole-grain.
Week 8: Stop eating when you feel full – Listen to your internal cues and stop eating when you feel full.
Week 9: No refined sweeteners – No refined or artificial sweeteners including (but not limited to): white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, sucanat, splenda, stevia, agave, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane juice. Foods and beverages can only be sweetened with a moderate amount of honey or maple syrup.
Week 10: No refined oils – No refined or hydrogenated oils including (but not limited to): vegetable oil, organic vegetable oil, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, organic canola oil, margarine, and grape seed oil.
Week 11: Eat local foods – Eat at least 1 locally grown or raised food at each meal. This includes, but is not limited to: fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, nuts, meats, and sweeteners like honey.
Week 12: No sweeteners – Avoid all added sweeteners including, but not limited to: white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, date sugar, maple sugar, sucanat, splenda, stevia, agave, fruit juice concentrate, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane juice.
Week 13: Nothing artificial – Avoid all artificial ingredients including, but not limited to: sweeteners, flavors and colors.
Week 14: No more than 5-ingredients – Avoid any and all packaged food products that contain more than five ingredients no matter what ingredients
Some of these will be much more challenging then others (such as the local food- but we have a lot of seafood in my area so I will stick to that)
If you are not feeling as adventurous there is a 10 day real food pledge that I encourage everyone to try this year. So this is phase one of my intention for 2013- there will be more to come late and probably two or three more blogs today.
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    What an awesome challenge. One thing I will say is that as you follow the LiveFit plan that the one that says "stop eating when you feel full" can be tricky. Our tendency when starting it is to not want to consume the amount of food we are eating and as often. Remember it is "clean" food and you need to be eating often to keep the fires burning. It is a beautiful thing to be eating a volume of healthy, clean foods and still lean out!
    1873 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    Very interesting! I'm gonna check out the website. emoticon
    1874 days ago
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