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2012 Year in Review

Monday, December 31, 2012

It has been a long year. A lot of things have happened. Some of them good, some not so good.

I happened upon this website on January 10th. It was a random chance that one of my facebook friends was wanting to lose weight and asked all her friends for suggestions, this was one of the sites mentioned.

I started out the year at 230 pounds. Definitely obese. We had been settled into our apartment for just about a year, so things had settled at that point for us. I had been getting used to the routine of two kids in school every other day, so I had plenty of time to myself during the days they go to school.

I started to use all the tools that are offered on this site, and for FREE! I started logging my food and using the park that is right out back of my building. It has great walking trails, so why was I not using them more frequently? I started out going around one loop, .75 of a mile.

Since I live on the third floor, I would get winded by half way up the second flight, it was about 4 steps too high for me at that point. Heaven forbid that I be carrying anything else, if I had groceries to bring in, I'd be winded by the second floor.

Those small steps were not in vain, by February I had already lost 6 pounds, just by paying attention to what I ate and doing a little bit of exercise in 30* weather. I took my first full body shot and had started to blog and participate in the forums offered. I was already in the habit of eating breakfast every morning by this point. I ended up having to buy a new pair of smaller pants because my original ones were falling off. I got rid of an x on my xxl shirts.

I had a birthday in March, turning 36. I got a membership to the Y, where I started going to their yoga classes. I found that I enjoyed those classes.

April came with my first 10% weight loss and a full 25 pounds. Stamina was building, I could get all the way up the stairs without having to catch my breath. I was going 2 miles around the park on the days I could use the park.

In May I got under 200, despite my son having a major asthma attack and my Grandpa being moved to a nursing home, even though I didn't have much of a relationship with him, I felt the stress through my parents having to deal with the move. I finally got the courage up to put on a swimsuit and wear it in public. I even decided to go out and buy a new one that fit me better and looked nicer than the one that I had in my drawer, even though that one fit me again after a decade.

June wasn't as pleasant, bed bugs creeped into my apartment, the neighbors brought them in and they found their way into my home. Eew. We had to shift everything, making my home look like a hoarder lived there for a while since we had to put everything in bins and move them into the kitchen for treatment. Despite this setback, I was still losing weight at the rate of 1.9 pounds a week and had to buy new pants again, bringing me down to an 18 from that 22 I started out in. I had lost enough weight to equal one of my children, 40 pounds.

July started a slower weight loss rate, but I was still losing. We were still dealing with bed bugs, but were handling it at this point, fortunately the bugs moved in during the summer so the kids weren't spreading them back to schoolmates. My sister decided to change her relationship with us by having a big yelling match at my son's birthday party. I didn't want to for a couple of days because of that stress. But by the end of the month I put on a skirt for the first time without Spanx and my legs didn't fight each other for space as much as they normally would have.

In August, we finally were rid of those dang bed bugs, so life could return to normal again. I stopped being obese and went to the overweight category. I discovered GeoCaching, which I told my Mom about and we started a new habit that is really fun to do together. My wedding ring got too big and wasn't worth enough to resize, so I went out and bought a new one in the next size down. My husband decided he wants to start eating healthy with me, which lasted a week because he thinks I need to do the work for him.

In September I stopped tracking as diligently. I stopped doing this a week before my Grandfather died. I ended up watching my parent's house while they went there to cremate the man. Both kids went back to school and are now in grades that I get every weekday to myself. I was still using the park and started to run. I actually ran for a quarter of the way around the park, but ended up injuring myself doing it, so I haven't worked my way back up to that.

October started the candy binge and the beginning of slow weight creep.

November I started the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge to get my craving back in control. That Halloween candy had me spiraling, but by the end of the challenge, I felt back in control of the sugar, even if I haven't cut it completely out. We had Thanksgiving, with icy stares from my sister, at my Mom's house and celebrated my daughters birthday that day. I had to drop my Y membership to make it through the holidays, but hadn't really been using it for the previous few months anyhow after the bug incident.

Which brings us to December, where we are now. We celebrated a lot of Christmases with a lot of food. There was more chocolate and a whole lot of cream cheese crab dip. I still have a few things from that day, but most of it is gone now. I got some Secret Santa gift cards to help me through the season and ended up being able to afford plenty of healthy foods because of them. I'm back up to 185, a gain of about 9 pounds from my lowest.

So in summary, by the numbers, I started out at 230, dropped all the way down to 176, but am at 185, for a final loss of 45 pounds for the year. I have lost several inches in several places, 3 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes. I went from a size 22 pants to a 16 and from a xxl shirt to a large. I lost both a cup size and a band size in my bras.

Despite the setbacks and the major stresses, I still did well and have a lot to show for it. I'm still amazed every time I go to buy a new item of clothes without any x's or having to go to the women's sizes. I can buy off either rack at this point. I no longer am wheezing at the top of the stairs, I can carry anything up without too much of an issue. I actually had to carry my daughter up both flights on day half-way through the year because she was that sick and I hardly had breath issues while doing that.

With the new year will come new successes and new stresses. I will finish off my goals this coming year and gain more from them.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Funny, I feel like we had the same year (but I was 20 heavier to start). I am amazed that the 10 or so I put back on want right to my chest and top of the belly - back to tracking I will go.... We will be strong in 2013!
    1905 days ago
  • TANYA602
    You've been one of my motivators since I joined Feb 1 and I remember each of these events like it was yesterday. I love how you did a month by month recap so that people who are new to SP can see that success does not happen overnite, but thru hard work and dedication. Congratulations on the inches lost, sizes dropped, and pounds bid farewell. I always thought it was amazing when you compared your weight loss to that of your daughter! I am proud to call you an SP friend, and I look forward to a happier year for both of us. Can you imagine what being on SP after TWO years could mean? I hope your husband finds similar motivation this year. Happy New Year! You will rock it!
    1905 days ago
    You had a awesome 2012!!!! Happy New Year to you.
    1905 days ago
    Amazing year! I am impressed with your achievements despite all the challenges. You are making incredibly smart choices and you will continue to get results! emoticon emoticon
    1905 days ago
    Hope you have a Happy New Year.
    1906 days ago
  • MISSG180
    You've had a good year. Not perfect, but good. Congrats!
    1906 days ago
    That's pretty great for a year! Congrats! Can't wait to see where you go in 2013!
    1906 days ago
  • XRSIZE18
    Way to go you! It's been awesome to be on this journey with you.
    1906 days ago
  • DIANN111
    Wow! I would say you had a fantastic year overall! Life does get in the way sometimes though. Lol I am truly inspired by your dealing with all the ups and downs of the year and still moving forward on your goals! I hope that at the end of 2013 I can say the same for myself. Do you find blogging and staying active on SP helps? I think I really need to get back into it!
    emoticon emoticon
    1907 days ago
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