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Well here's a pickle

Monday, December 31, 2012

I just got back from running. I know I did at least 10 minutes because couch to 5k lady said so. But then a couple of blocks later my ipod died. I kept going for a surprisingly long time, considering the only accompaniment was the sound of my breath wheezing in and out of my cold-filled lungs. But I don't know HOW long. I didn't have my watch or phone with me and didn't check the time before I left.

How do you track 'at least ten minutes but probably less than twenty minutes' of running? I think I can safely say I didn't make it to 28 minutes by the way my legs felt a bit too relaxed and I got my breath back a bit too easily when I got home. But at the same time, when running without music every five minutes feels like an hour. I have absolutely no idea how long I was going for.

I made up for it by doing three SP videos when I got home. Which led to the discovery that I am really quite uncoordinated. Considering I've done ballroom, belly dance, ceroc and salsa I thought I was really quite good with the old hand-eye business. But trying to do the SP jump rope workout (with my new blue jump rope Christmas present :D) I nearly tripped myself up about ten times. I couldn't manage jumping from one foot to the other, I managed about two jumps with high knees, and don't get me started on scissor jumps. It was a bit of a shambles.

There's another one to add to my new year's list: practice until I can do it without nearly incapacitating myself. Or just keep my ipod charged so I can keep running and not have to play catch-up with SP videos. Now where did I put that charger...
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