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An end and a beginning

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Well, it's mid-afternoon on new year's eve as I write this. I'm going to a ballet later, which is a good choice for someone who's trying not to consume unnecessary calories cos I can't afford the champagne at Covent Garden (£12 for a SMALL glass. For £12 I expect to get sozzled and have enough money over for a bag of nuts).

I've just fulfulled an ambition. For the first time ever this afternoon, I did an hour-long workout at the gym. Half an hour on the elliptical, 15 minutes each on the treadmill and the bike.


I incurred the displeasure of the gym staff by forgetting they were shutting at two today, but it was only seven minutes past when I left, bits of me still dripping.

And this morning, I gave my SparkPage an overhaul. Three new photos, a more intense shade of the colour that was there before, a summary of what I did in 2012 and what I plan for 2013, and the careful excision of all things feline. Curse the animals, they really think they run the place. They don't. They do NOT.

And it's MY sofa.

To continue: plus a reiteration of my long term goals, natch. And I had a think about what I achieved this year. Losing weight is a long and rocky road full of pitfalls such as bits of marshmallow-covered Rocky Road, to say nothing of Rocky Road icecream. I am tempted to philosophise (I heard that groan at the back somewhere) but I'll try to keep it short.

I cannot begin to think what my life would have been now, without SparkPeople and all the spark people. Perhaps I would have lost weight anyway. Perhaps not. I doubt I would have kept the weight off. I certainly wouldn't be taking the amount of exercise I do. There's nothing like the thrill of the tracker to keep you racking up the minutes on the elliptical.

Since I signed up to SP, every time something has got me down, I've had my weightloss success to hug to myself. It's like a little jewel or valuable painting I get out and look at in private when I want to remember that actually, I've done pretty well the last six months. It's the one thing I'm completely in control of, and I polish the knowledge daily.

I won't say I feel confident about the next year (am always aware of the dangers of hubris), but I am optimistic. I'm looking forward to being thinner, fitter, lighter and healthier.

Number one priority though? Being able to wear snazzier clothes.

I must add that one to my official goals. It's been an unofficial goal forever but I'm almost at the point where I can try it out. I want to be able to walk into any shop on Oxford Street and pick a garment off a rail and know there will be one big enough to fit me.

All that's for next year.

Tonight I'm having roast duck and rosemary roast potatoes and a nice bottle of wine.

And pudding.

Bottoms up!
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