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It's only mid-December, right?

Monday, December 31, 2012

emoticon emoticon

Seriously, somewhere in the first week or so of December I completely fizzled. It showed in how I've been eating. It showed in no new words added to my novel. It showed in my productivity (or lack of) at work. I "woke up" a bit too late in the month to make much of December, but did turn things around and feel like I'm revved up again as I head into January.

I'll just call it a sloppy pit stop. emoticon

One thing I completely missed was reviewing my Winter goals and setting up my "by Spring" goals. Winter started on 21 December (and let me tell you, even in our temperate region it came in like a lion). Here's what I wanted to get done by then:

1) Have the framework of my mission statement (7 Habits) worked out by the end of this month. Keep it in mind and review how it has fit at the end of this season.
emoticon Had the framework done.
emoticon emoticon Completely have not looked at it since. November was a focus on NaNoWriMo and December was fuzzy-brained.

2) List out specific career questions I have and do the research. (More than just likely wages - stuff like typical hours, whether job postings want experience, turnover reasons, anything that could help make a decision clearer.)
emoticon Well, it has been THOUGHT about several times, but I haven't written any of the questions down and I certainly haven't researched a thing.

3) Re-evaluate my budget as I come up on the end of the year. Things are stabilizing more, but still have dental work to get done, medical isn't happening this year, might end up with a tiny refund or owing a little, so better to plan now and control my numbers a little better.
emoticon Money is the one thing I have been controlling rather well - with the worst blips always being when DDa or DS needs money for something.

4) Get out and do something that involves interacting with other people than coworkers, family or internet friends. Mystery dinner theater at local restaurant? Dancing at a night club? Volunteering around Thanksgiving? Not looking for ongoing involvement - just one-time for now.
emoticon One of the best actions for this was the NaNoWriMo meetups. I made sure to attend and be sociable. I've also joined up with a group of several who are staying in touch as a writer's group and attended their first meetup. I've also gone out dancing twice as well been holding friendly conversations with a regular bus driver (who happens to have run in the Rock 'N' Roll Half and go to the gym regular - so lots of familiar topics).

5) Either have paid for personal training session to learn more free weight work, form, and benchmark lifts -or- have it planned into my budget going into the new year.
emoticon It is planned into my budget, BUT I've reconsidered timing. January is sure to have the gym full of New Year's new members, so I'll wait for the lull as that dies down when deals are offered. In the meantime, I've been doing more dumbbell work, did a few of the benchmarks with lighter than max weight to get the feel of them, and am rebuilding my workouts already to be more efficient and effective for me.

6) Vote. My voter registration address change didn't get done like I thought (I mailed it, but used my work address since I do that with all my money stuff - and they didn't send any notice that they rejected it for that reason), so I have to work a little harder to find out where to go vote and to find the information on the races and petitions I get to vote on.
emoticon Had all my decisions written out, found out where to go, and voted first thing in the morning. I was marked as inactive, but otherwise it went smoothly.

So, 4 out of 6 - better than I actually expected. emoticon

Since tomorrow is the last day of December, I'm also going to look at how I did on those goals:

== December goals ==

1) See 165 on the scale.
emoticon Not happening. Those couple of lost weeks of December involved an unhealthy bit of overeating. On the plus side, I never climbed past 172, but I also never dropped lower than 167.5 throughout the month. I do hope to bring it down to 165 by the time we start BLC#21 or the first weigh-in after.

2) Full military pushup.
emoticon emoticon I'd say that next up is a pull-up, but I remember being in 4th or 5th grade and not being able to do one. Next up actually is getting more comfortable with lunges - ideally to the point I can implement dumbbell lunges in my ST.

3) Another 20,000 words in novel.
emoticon Got it all moved out of the trial software I wrote it in, got it posted for the writer's group, and then spent all my time trying to catch up on everything and going fuzzy-brained.

4) Treat snacks down to two a day.
emoticon Definitely didn't accomplish this. In fact, fuzzy-brained antics involved such things as 3 servings of truffles, 2 or 3 puddings a day, and more. Figured out, however, that part of my problem was excessive cardio and filling the extra calories needed to meet my burn with treats rather than more healthy fare.

5) Reorganize storage.
emoticon Still have not made it over there. There's definitely a part of me that wants to just forget it is there - even as I pay for it monthly. Might put this off until Spring though - the short days make getting over there with sunlight to spare difficult and no heating means this cold would be uncomfortable.

6) Between Rounds challenge
emoticon Might still tighten it up a little and pretty it up presentation-wise, but have all the ideas to get us FIRED UP for BLC#21.

Only 2 out of 6 for December goals. However, I've already been correcting and adjusting and feel back on track to launch into January and 2013.


So, what do I want to accomplish moving forward?

== January goals ==
1) Dental hygiene back in as a consistent habit.
2) Write in my novel at least 30 minutes a day - schedule this.
(*Setting both of these up as Other Goals and adding SparkStreak to track and remind me.*)
3) Weight at or below 165 consistently.
4) Update my budgets on website for 2013.
5) Write out the questions related to Vet Tech that I've already thought of
6) Write out what exactly I want out of sessions with a personal trainer so I'm ready

== by Spring goals ==
1) Novel first draft completed
2) Correct my work productivity to a level acceptable to me (not going to put the details here)
3) Get comfortable with lunges - correct my form, strengthen muscles, figure out what I need to make them not feel so awkward and clumsy
4) Personal training - watch for specials and get a couple of sessions when I like the price.
5) Taxes filed (and paid, if necessary).
6) Not mandatory, but would be fun (and doable) to hit my weight goal and be swapped to maintenance by my birthday or Spring


As I've mentioned elsewhere, I don't generally set New Year's Resolutions as a tradition. However, I do have one resolution for this year:

I resolve to find a way to volunteer and give back to my local community.

Whether that's reading to someone, filling boxes with food products, or giving blood, it is time to put some action behind my desire to help. (I've had bad volunteer experiences, the sort where you're treated like slaves chained by guilt rather than willing volunteers - so I tend to avoid official volunteering. I want to unload that baggage and simply be picky enough up front.)


Well, there we go. I'm ready for 2013! emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1903 days ago
    I love how thoroughly you plan things and have the follow through to see how you did. Great resolution. emoticon
    1903 days ago
  • TANYA602
    That November/December rush hit us all so it's a good time to reflect and think about even plan ahead to next year when you'll be in maintenance. Your goals and plans for January and into spring are fabulous- though when I read the one about taxes I nearly choked - I can't go there yet! hahahaha
    One thing to add to your list is to be proud of how far you've come and remind yourself of this on a daily basis!
    1903 days ago
    You are so determined! YAHOO! Have a wonderful 2013
    1904 days ago
    You made great progress in 2012 and 2013 is going to be stellar!

    1904 days ago
    You have some fantastic goals for 2013. I believe you can do this. Now just work your plan. You're going to have a wonderful 2013
    1904 days ago
    1904 days ago
    I always thought that raising good children was giving back to the community!


    1904 days ago
    I'll do a list, too. We will accomplish our goals together! BTW -- one of my goals is to have lunch with you when I hit my weight loss goal!
    1904 days ago
    You'll catch up
    1904 days ago
  • RG_DFW
    and Happy New Year!
    1904 days ago
  • KARL1266
    Great job on the goals you achieved and, believe it or not, great job on those you didn't. You recognized the situations and have made forward progress to make whatever changes are needed to correct the mid-December blahs(?). It is never a good feeling to miss a goal, but when one can spot the reasons and take corrective measures to avoid (when possible) those pitfalls I count that as well done.

    Your resolution strikes a chord with me as well as that will be something I will be looking to do as well.

    Good luck with your Goals towards Spring!

    Have a safe and Happy New Year!
    1905 days ago
    Wonderful goals! I have no doubt you'll be back on track for January and 2013!!
    1905 days ago
    Very well thought out goals! 'Go for it!'
    1905 days ago
    Yes mid december thats right !!!

    You do seem to be very ready for the New Year and very good at planning. Maybe a calendar is in order to keep up with the dates???

    Happy New Year. emoticon
    1905 days ago
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