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2012 Recap

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm not really sure how to classify the past year. It's been stressful, but good...

For those who kept up with my blogs in the early part of the year, you saw that I began practicing Aikido and made it under 190 pounds in January; Steve busted his knee skiing in February; I found out my bras were way too big for me in March (and got new ones); I reached the 100-pound weight-loss mark in April and Steve had his knee surgery; I started regaining weight in June; I was cast in a local theater's fall production and I went over the obese BMI again in July... and then my activity stopped.

In part, I got lazy... plain and simple. But also, I got very busy. So here's a recap of my life since August:

The first week of August, I was in OKC for work and got to see some of my awesome SP friends while there! Thanks again, guys, for taking the time to walk with me that week! The day before I returned home, Steve let me know that his son would be moving from Utah to live with us... with his girlfriend. I had always known that Kent would be moving in with us eventually, but I didn't know that he would be bringing a girl along with him. (He's 22 and in the midst of a divorce btw, so it's not like he's too young for living with a girl.) After discussing things with Steve, we decided that we would see how things went with the girl, because Steve really wanted the opportunity to be a part of Kent's life (he hadn't been allowed to see him when he was younger). So I came home to a full house.

The following week rehearsals for my play began, so that added a great deal to my schedule. Rehearsals kept me busy for much of August and September. Having Kent and his girlfriend in our house wasn't that big of a deal, but they ended up splitting up sometime in September, and she moved back to Utah.

Then, in late September, Steve got a mild infection in an old surgery scar. When he went on a follow up visit for that, he complained about some exhaustion and fatigue he'd been experiencing. The doctor listened to his symptoms and examined him and gave us some very alarming news - his sleep apnea had reached a deadly level. His body was now shutting down due to lack of restorative sleep. She said it was VERY likely that, if left untreated, he would fall asleep sometime in the near future and simply not wake up. We were so alarmed that we contacted an ENT for the recommended surgery immediately.

I also injured my groin/hip in September and had a lot of trouble figuring out what was wrong. After x-rays and ultrasounds showed nothing wrong, my doctor recommend physical therapy. However, since I had not met my deductible for the year yet, those visits were going to be extremely expensive. Since the pain was not terrible (it was intermittent, not constant), I decided that we couldn't afford it (I was concerned about the cost of Steve's upcoming surgery) and decided to just go easy on it and see if I could heal on my own. The doctor had told me not to do any high impact exercises until it wasn't "twinging" anymore. The physical therapist, who I saw once, thought it might be related to soft tissue and that stretches and massage would work best.

So, I started continued to take it easy, and we scheduled Steve's surgery the week after my play's opening weekend. My play opened October 12, and while it wasn't perfect, it was good. The second night, I wasn't feeling too well. I felt like I might be getting strep throat, and since Steve's surgery was coming up, I decided to take a Z Pack (antibiotics) that we already had in the house to ensure that I was well. By the next day (Sunday), I was pretty sick. I had to call in sick to work on Monday and went to the doctor on Tuesday - it wasn't the flu or strep and the antibiotics weren't helping, so they determined it must be viral and gave me an anti-viral medication to help me recover more quickly.

Steve's surgery was Wednesday, October 17. I was still pretty exhausted from my illness, but we had to get him taken care of. His surgery was pretty major - the surgeon repaired his deviated septum (which was causing an 80% blockage in his right nostril), reduced the nasal turbinates (to open his sinuses more) and performed a UPPP (uvulopalatopharyngoplasty) and tonsillectomy (which removed most of the soft tissue at the back of his throat. He stayed overnight at the hospital and then needed about 2 weeks of recovery at home.

Between my illness and his surgery, I was off for a whole week unexpectedly. Luckily, my manager is awesome, and my employer worked with me. I also had even more reason to love my insurance, because since Steve's knee surgery in April cost so much, we had already reached our out-of-pocket max for the year and so everything with this surgery was covered!

My play got better and better with each performance. I was so proud to have been a part of such an awesome show! My parents came to visit and to see the show the last weekend (Nov 16 & 17), and we had a great time visiting with them. My groin/hip was getting better, but I was still experiencing occasional twinges of pain, so I didn't want to re-injure it by exercising again too soon.

Then Thanksgiving came... We decided against the traditional turkey, since none of us were huge fans. I made a prime rib roast instead, with lots of great sides - mashed potatoes, bacon-wrapped asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, sweet potatoes. It was all fantastic... and VERY fattening. LOL

We were in OKC again December 13-17 to attend my best friends' annual Christmas party. My family also held their Christmas party while we were in town, and we were able to see quite a few of our other friends as well. (Sorry to my SP friends that I wasn't able to see any of you while there but we packed too much in as it was!!) While there, we ate at some of our favorite restaurants, and while I didn't exactly eat well, Steve and I shared many meals, and I don't feel I overate to an unhealthy degree.

Christmas was a fairly uneventful day here. I made some highly unhealthy, but delicious, foods - homemade pork & beef chili, white lasagna with homemade Alfredo sauce, and Mexican pizza. We just finished the last of the leftovers this evening in fact. I did overeat on Christmas day... all of the food was sooooooo good. But I controlled myself otherwise. However, even eating normal portions, I've still gained quite a bit of weight over the last few months. Not being able to workout due to my groin/hip injury has not helped either.

So I'm hoping that I can get back to it now. My groin/hip seems to be completely healed. And seeing the scale over 200 again has alarmed me. I will weigh in on our scale at work tomorrow morning. We'll be attending a New Year's Eve party tomorrow night, and I'm sure there will be alcohol and tempting treats there. But I plan to indulge sparingly. And then, I will get back to focusing on making healthy lifestyle decisions in the new year.

I will post more tomorrow or Tuesday on my goals and plans for the new year... both weight-loss and life generally. Steve is doing much better since his surgery and, now that he has a new CPAP machine, we hope he will continue to feel better and better! I am doing okay... a bit stressed for a number of reasons and disappointed that I am over 200 pounds again. However, I hope that, in the new year, I can take the steps I need to get everything in order!

I hope everyone else is doing well! And I hope everyone's new year is filled with joy and blessings!

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    Wow you had a crazy year! I'm happy to see things are getting back on track. Its scary about Steves sleep apnea. My husband has it too and its a scary thing! I am also tying to get back into it. I would like to lose 100 lbs this year!
    1845 days ago
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