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A look deeper: Goals for 2013 - Physically

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seven pounds...Seven pounds from goal weight! I have always been a pretty slow loser. So losing a half pound on average a week is not abnormal for me.

My goal is to lose this weight by time a go to Las Vegas on March 7th 2013.
Three of my very close friends and I have decided since we will have all turned 40 We need to go out and have a fun girls weekend. Some place none of us have ever been. It was decided on Vegas. Reluctantly on my side. I never really cared to go to Vegas other to drive from air port right out of town and head to some national or state park in Nevada. I decided I wouldn't mind going because it is more for the company instead of the destination. It should be a fun time and more than anything I want to be fit and prepared to do all the walking that will be involved.

Roadmap to get there:
1. Well first I need to start eating better. Stop drinking calories and start eating more protein, fruit, veggies and complex carbs. I am a lover of Carbs. I love bread - any kind! I love pasta, cookies and cake! I need to stop that! So back to a tracking I go! I had really gotten into the habit until about a month ago. It works! Do it!
2. Next I need my water! I just feel better when I am hydrated! While I am not a cold hard "8 a day" kind of girl, I feel like 6 is my magic number. If I drink 6 glasses of water plus my coffee in the morning and a glass (or two) of milk in the evening that is fine for liquids. I have tried other ways but my body is telling me this works best for me.
3. Next - treadmill! I am wanting to build endurance not speed. If you know me, you know I only run if a bear is chasing me (I live in the city in NE Indiana, we don't have bears around here). I have done a couple of beachbody DVD's but with me not really feeling well for about a month now (I'll go into this more in another blog) I feel like I don't have the energy right now for that. I will do what I know works for me. Walk.
In Mid-January I will be starting BLC21 (Biggest Loser Challenge round 21). I will be co-captaining so that will give me extra accountability. There are lots of Challenges going on there to give me extra push.

This is nothing new. No big surprises here! I am pretty sure all my friends have been on SP for 8 months or longer! You all know this and we all know it works! Just shut up and do it.
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