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Non-scale Victories of 2012

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Today is day two of my on track streak!

The year is coming to an end, and I am looking forward to 2013 with so much hope, positivity and anticipation! 2013 is going to be the year I reach my goal size, thanks in part to all the hard work I've done in 2012!

The first two months of 2012 were a wash, to be honest. I didn't do anything to help myself get healthy. I was at the highest weight of my entire life, 286 pounds. I was hoarding food and binge eating while hubby slept. (Yes, its very embarrassing to admit that! But I want to be honest and let you see how far down in the pit of obesity that I really was.) I was so depressed, so unhealthy and so out of shape. And I often thought "I should just give up. I have so much weight to lose, it will take me FOREVER to lose it so why even try?"

Thank God, I didn't give up. Finally, on March first, I started streaking...doing my best to see how many HEALTHY days in a row I could have. I forgot about the scale and about weight. I knew that if thought too much about how much weight I needed to lose, it would only discourage and overwhelm me. But I knew that if I just did my best to make each day as healthy as possible, the weight would come off!

I have had many "less than perfect" days during the past year, but thats okay. I've had to start my streak over twice, but I've had more good days than bad ones, and thats what matters most. And I have seen so much progress! I have had a LOT of non-scale victories this year, and I just wanted to list as many of them as I can remember!

My wedding and engagement rings fit me again.

I have gone from size 3X t shirts to size L.

When my husband hugs me, his arms can go all the way around me quite easily.

I have energy, stamina, strength and flexibility.

I feel so much younger than my age. I'm 51 but I feel better now than I did in my 40's.

My stomach doesn't touch the steering wheel anymore when I drive.

The bed doesn't creak when I get into it.

I can do yoga! I can even do crane pose, although I still don't have the strength to hold it for very long.

I rarely have plantar fascia pain anymore.

I can wear jeans with a button and a zipper! As a matter of fact, I no longer wear elastic waist pants unless I'm working out.

When I clean the kitchen, I can walk between the chair and the wall without having to turn sideways to fit.

My sides don't touch the side of the bathtub when I take my bubble baths.

My hips, back and knees don't hurt all the time anymore.

When I go to a restaurant (which is rare), I can sit in a booth without my stomach being pressed against the table.

I can ride a bicycle!

My glasses fit me better. Back in March, they sat on my cheeks and squeezed the side of my head on both sides. Now they fit loosely! They don't squeeze my face anymore, and I'm saving up now so that I can get new ones, perhaps this summer.

I can walk up and down the porch stairs without having to hang on to the railing. (I like to show off and skip up or down them when hubby is watching, lol.)

I can reach into the bottom of the shopping cart without having to stand on my tippy toes just to get my belly over it. (I probably didn't explain that right, but maybe you get what I'm trying to say.)

My blood pressure is no longer in the danger zone. I don't have to take medication anymore.

I've only had one GERD attack since March. (I used to have attacks several times a month.)

So those are my major NSV's, at least the ones that come to mind right now. I've had so many more little ones along the way, and I look forward to having more in 2013. I also really look forward to reaching my goal size. I'm not aiming for a certain weight, I'm aiming for a size 8. And its so exciting to know that I am so close, and that I WILL reach my goal in the new year!

I hope you will join me in working hard to make 2013 a healthy year! We are really worth the best effort we can put forth!

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