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Daisy Photos, Catching Up..

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My sister brought her son's dog Daisy in from the farm. She had just been spayed and needed a warm, safe place to recover from the surgery. Mom immediately had organized her bed, her feeding and going out schedule, all handled by her. Daisy is a sweet, calm, lovable dog who gets along with everyone. Mom takes her out first thing in the morning:

Daisy is a 2.5 year old purebred Labrador Retriever who was originally trained to be a gun dog, but it didn't work out. Chase got her from a friend who was going away to work on an oil rig and couldn't look after her. First thing Chase wanted was pups to sell and had her bred. Unfortunately, Chase was going away to another city to finish his schooling for journeyman electrician. So poor Daisy wasn't being looked after properly, with Chase's dad going over just once a day to make sure she had food and water. Most of the pups were sold, Chase keeping the one looking like a rottie cross. Poor Daisy was locked in a small shed for her own protection, but unfortunately, her pups were able to get out, and in her frantic efforts to get out and follow them, she cut up her face and has permanent scars on her face. We were furious when we saw this and heard the reason why. We may love our relatives, but don't think they should be having pets :(. So Mom agreed to foster Daisy and has great plans for her. As she is so absolutely friendly, sucking up to everyone, she sees her being a great therapy dog, visiting nursing homes and hospitals. And to burn off her energy get her into flyball.
Mom walked her along where the coyote had been traveling and she was constantly nose down investigating:

Close up:

Unfortunately, most of my photos were blurred -Daisy is a dog who loves to be in motion lol.
So ever since Daisy arrived, she has been the entire focus of my Mom's attention. Unfortunately, she is not even letting Angus handle her. I wish she wouldn't be so dominating. Talk about an alpha female!!! Its that age old story -she thinks she can do a better job then Angus with continuing her training. Which is why she won't let Angus help around the house (if he even could) as she isn't happy with the results. I am lucky she lets me do the dishes, but she won't let me do anything else.
My Week with Mom Tuesday to Sunday, was quiet, peaceful and very restful. I still had trouble with sleep, always waking up, but had no chance to sleep in as Mom would get up at 4:30 am. That part was very difficult to deal with as I felt I might have been able to sleep longer. The problem was, some good movies were on and I was staying up late until midnight to watch them. She of course, hit the bed at 7 pm every night, watching TV until she fell asleep. We only went on a couple of hikes and mostly did shopping around, but didn't get anything except snack food in preparation for the New Year get together. unfortunately, my brother's wife is really sick and has missed two get togethers now. Don't know if she will make it when the whole family finally comes in. The weather was bitterly cold the whole time I was at Mom's and it was too dangerous to spend much time outside.
A photo from a 'short' hike we took:

It was a very beautiful, frosty morning:

Mom always likes to go down to the weir:

I never get tired of walking the trails along the river:

I am working Monday's senior game at the club and once again, am not sure how many will show up. I don't think a lot of seniors get into New Years, so it may be just a normal game. Mom sent some meals home with me, turkey, stuffing, roasted root veggies.
My brother wants to do his deep frying again for New Year's Day. Mom is putting her foot down on some of it -she didn't enjoy the deep fried stuff anymore than I did last time. He could care less about his weight, but I feel sorry for his pre-diabetic wife who would like to lose weight but won't ever when all he lives on is McDonald's and fried, processed foods and an endless supply of diet Coke. My sister has regained 15 lbs, and is trying to stay healthy, but is facing too much opposition from her family who don't like her 'healthy' offerings. Some she can get away with, but not all. She had to give up making bread, buns and wraps because they wouldn't eat them, too 'dry' and crunchy -they are used to the soft white bread.
I will be okay once I have settled back into my routine. If the weather moderates after the New Year, I hope to try walking to some of my fitness classes. I really need their challenge. I am feeling more pain in my back, right hip and right elbow now, which are making things a challenge, but all you can do is push on and see just how far you can go! Never give up!
Have a wonderful evening and a great sleep!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Dear emoticon Linda,

    I hope you start getting good sleep. Praise God that sleep is one thing that is not too much of a problem for me right now. I recall all too well those long, miserable, sleepless nights.

    I too believe that many people should not have pets. If I could, I would give all my money away to animal shelters and causes. Glad Daisy now has your mom.

    I can never thank you enough for all the support you give me, despite your own very full life. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

    I truly believe I have reached the point where I am finally taking control of my mindset and my life. You are a true inspiration and one of my primary motivators.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1874 days ago
    Beautiful dog, great blog. Happy New Year. emoticon
    1875 days ago
  • REJ7777
    Daisy is beautiful! I'm glad she's with a trainer who loves her.

    I love the beauty of Winter. Sometimes it just takes my breath away. Our weather in Southern Quebec can get pretty cold, but I get the impression that it gets even colder and windier where you live. Brrrr!

    I wish you success and the courage to Never give up in the New Year!
    1876 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    It is good that Daisy is getting a decent crack at life after a somewhat shaky start. Great to see.
    Lex xxx
    1876 days ago
    yea Linda real good stuff thanks!
    1876 days ago
    Cute dog. I love doggies. And beautiful snow photos....but brrrr!
    Do have a healthy and happy New Year!
    1876 days ago
  • C8TSON
    What a precious dog!!! That is sad what she had to go through, but I'm glad she's in good hands now. Those winter pics are lovely! It sure does look cold though! It's so sad when family doesn't want to get on board with being healthy. We spent Christmas with my in laws, who I love very much. I worry about them constantly, as they have no desire to be healthy in the least. All struggle with weight issues (except my father-in-law who has a higher metabolism than any I have ever seen), and they smoke constantly. They don't eat on any regular kind of schedule and when they do, they go all out. My hubby and I are saddened by their choices, but they don't seem to want any part of changing it. emoticon Oh well, all we can do is emoticon , right? Maybe be a good example for others? Thanks for sharing an amazing blog as always! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1876 days ago
    Great blog Linda, Daisy looks so cute.
    Hope you're soon back into your healthy routines emoticon

    Happy New Year emoticon
    1877 days ago
    I bet your Mom will end up permanently keeping Daisy-she is enjoying it too much!!! Glad she is in good hands!
    The snow in your photos is gorgeous! It is so nice in photos, but not so much in person imo! I hope the weather does get better for you in January!!
    Glad you had a good visit with your Mom! Though I couldn't stand it is someone in my house got up at 4:30 in the morning! UGH! I am a late nighter, as you know! emoticon
    Thanks for your nice comments on my blogs! You are an awesome SPF!! Always supportive and always inspiring to me! emoticon
    Enjoy your New Years Eve! We will make 2013 a great year!! emoticon
    1877 days ago
    It's good to hear when an animal has a good home. Hope your weather mellows some, so you can get around better and enjoy your fitness classes. The snow looks nice, but I know how treacherous it is.

    We'll pick up my dd and sil at the airport tomorrow night. I've been taking care of their dog. He misses them, but has been good.

    Happy New Year, gf.

    xo, Berta
    1877 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/31/2012 12:27:52 AM
    Love the pictures. love Daisy, so sweet.
    1877 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Daisy looks like a love!

    Your pictures are gorgeous and I feel cold looking at them!
    1877 days ago
    Your mom took to Daisy so fast....too bad she can't keep her!!

    .... That snow along the river looks so clean and nice, but also so cold. Guess you guys both hike in boots?

    Snowing in the mountains here right now. HEAVY, and will rain all night too, is cold out....WOW....
    1877 days ago
    Oh, so glad Daisy now has a good home with your mom. You are so lucky to have fun times together with your mom.
    1877 days ago
    Love your pictures, and boy would I take daisy in a heart beat.
    1877 days ago
    lovely dog. my sister breeds labs, so i get to hear all about them and their energy. daisy looks like a good example of the breed.
    1877 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    You know I am in love with Daisy, right? Like others I cringed when I read her background story and the part about how she got her facial scars made me well up with tears. But the important thing is that she is in good hands now. You mentioned that your mother is fostering her so does that mean your nephew will be taking her back? I hope your mom and Angus can keep her forever.

    I loved the pictures! Winter truly has its scenic moments, doesn't it? I'm a bit wary of walking where I had been after the three tumbles in one afternoon so am kind of waiting for the snow to build up a bit deeper.

    Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

    Hugs, Susan
    1877 days ago
    Daisy looks like a lovely dog and she is in good hands now. It makes me furious to hear about mistreatment of dogs -- whether by neglect or overt cruelty. I really hand it to your mother for taking her on, and i'm sure you will help all you can too: what a great walking companion she will make!

    We had a glorious sparkly day here today: I do love winter and getting out in the snow on my skis! Here's hoping that your pain subsides and you can get back to your fitness classes, I know that you love them. Nice to be heading home to your own place with some good meals all ready: hope the seniors bridge goes well tomorrow!
    1877 days ago
    The pictures of all the snow are so beautiful. Not something we get around my area like that. But I don't like the cold. You are so awesome for being able to get out there and walk around in it like you do. If I lived where we had that kind of weather, and had the right clothing for it, I might adjust and enjoy it though.
    I have a 10 year old purebread Lab named Abigail. She is my baby. Labs are truly such wonderful, friendly, gentle dogs. I'm so glad Daisy doesn't have to live like she was living anymore. That is so sad. And labs so love to be around people that I'm sure she is happy having family doting over here. I'm sorry your mom won't let anyone else help with her though.
    Stay warm and have a great New Year!
    1877 days ago
  • BARBIE66
    What a beautiful sight.. the dog and your walking trail..I was born up north but live down south and it warms my heart when I see snow .. lovely day with your dog do tell Diasy she looks lovely..
    1877 days ago
    Poor Daisy. I am glad she is in a better place and getting the attention she deserves. thank you.
    1877 days ago
    Beautiful scenery and Daisy looks a darling! Wish your mom well in training her.

    Hope you are soon back in your own healthy routines... and sleep well, my friend! emoticon
    1877 days ago
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