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First time snowshoeing...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I had a terrific day! Went to the Farmer's Market with one brother, had lunch with my parents, and went snowshoeing with my other brother.

At the Farmers Market I got fresh baked bread, parsnips, onions and a leg roast of goat meat, which I cooked up this evening with a bunch of veggies. So tasty and quite lean! I managed to walk Cooper for over an hour before my brother picked me up to go to the market, so I count the morning as a success.

Then I went and made lunch with my mom. We had sirloin, potatoes, onions, green beans, cherries, and a slice each of the bead I bought this morning. I sliced off four slices and brought them home with me, leaving the rest for my parents to enjoy. Mom believes in making the meat ssttreeeetchhhh, so a 28 oz sirloin steak became three 3oz steaks for lunch today, and the rest was cut up for stroganoff, soup and stir fry. I bet she gets at least 9 meals out of one steak. It is healthier to use meat more as the garnish than the main attraction on the plate.

After lunch I got down my dad's snowshoes, called up my brother, and went snowshoeing with him for over an hour. What a blast! And it is good cardio. We went around the perimeter of my parents' farm, then across the road and down by the creek. My brother Jeremy's dog went with us. Yes, the dog who was on death's door at Thanksgiving trotted along behind us almost the entire time. At one point he got confused and tried to cut through a snow drift and up an embankment, but he just couldn't make it, so Jeremy just scooped him up and tossed him over the drift. And he is not a small dog... he is a black lab. Injured the poor dog's dignity, and he was covered in snow, but he made it over just fine! I only fell down once as we were coming up a hill. I got the tails of my snowshoes crossed. When you are standing on your own snowshoe you stop rather suddenly. But I didn't faceplant, I just went to my knees. I managed to keep up the entire time and even took the lead for about half the time. It was great, and we laid a trail so my dad can go cross country skiing this coming week. Jeremy and I agreed to do some kind of snow sport each weekend as long as we have snow. Yay!!

After snowshoeing dad brought me and Cooper home, before heading off to take his afternoon nap. We got home and headed back out almost right away for another hour of walking. The best place to walk right now is the local college campus, as they are very diligent and thorough about plowing the sidewalks. Came home, pedaled 6.2 miles down in the basement, did some ST and jumping jacks, threw together a quick dinner, read a book, mucked around on the computer, put the roast in to cook, then took the dog out for his last walk of the day.

All in all it was a spectacular day!! emoticon emoticon
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