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thank you all for liking my blog and why i signed ayman out of hospital against dr´s orders.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

after feeling bad after the dr´s in the hospital making me feel like a bad mother as i decided it is better us for me to take him home.then i looked on the computer and saw all the replyies to my blog it was great especially some of the comments made they were all lovely the comments but there were also a few that hit a cord in me.i don´t think i will have the toime to answer the replys all personally but i would like to take this opurtunity to do this.especially extra thanks to all thoose that pressed like to get it to a popular blog award which has been a secret wish from me here on spark for a while.so thank you all for making my wish a realality.also sorry i am only getting round to this now but for those who don´t know i have been in hospital with my son ayman.the dr wanted us to stay till tuesday and i would have if i thought it was helpful if they had been doing test,bloodtest extra to find out what he was actually allergic too orwhat was causing his altropish(extreem allergic)exceema otherwise known as neurodermatitist.but really all they were doing was creaming him twice a day and giving him a spoon of medicine at night and i can do that just as good as here i think.ayman didn´t like the food there so i was having to spend money paying double the price of a normal shop for chocolate or biscuits(that is really all the shop had to offer apart from ice in this weather)also though the medical insurance pays for ayman i have to pay for myself the hospital bed and food etc,which was not apealling and which we can´t really afford.he was also the only child there the over patients seemed to all be over 50 some even in their 80´s at a guess..ayman wanted to go home,he was bored.we both had a hard time sleeping as the beds were very uncomfortable(a throw back from the first world wari am sure)not theese modern electric beds that we are used to in the normal hospital he usually goes too.i double checked that they are not doing any test etc.and they said they are just creaming him etc.in the other hospital where the kids normally go they let me always stay as little as possible in hospiaöl and even let me home where they might keep other kids in as they know i can deal with the medicines,injections,nebulizer etc.but this hospital doesn´t know me and they were doing there best to make me feel aweful for saying we would go home.maybe they think i am unable to cope with creaming a child lol.if only they knew the things i did with ayyub when he was on the heart and oxygen monitor for 16 months,or the times i had to do stuff for zakariya.anyway i had to sign a form saying i was going against dr´s orders.then picked the other two up from my sil (and boy nothing against my sil but it is a differant culture)i was glad they weren´t staying that long.i had tried to contact my sil to see how the kids were but she never went on the phone,also never phoned me.in the end i phoned my husband in tunisia to phone his sister here in germany so i could see how the kids were.he managed to talk eventually to her on skype but she still didn´t phone me.he said they were ok going to bed late getting up late at about 10 while my niece ghofran who was suppose to be looking after them while my sil is in work slept till 13,00.(she is twenty and cannot cook etc)which is why before going into hospital i spent two full days just cooking up food for them to eat while i was away.ghofran just then had to heat it up in the microwave.i asked the kids what time they went to bed and got up it was past midnight and they said they got up 6 not ten so was having 5 hour sleep tops which is too little speecially for zakariya with all his medical problems so after knowing all this i am even more glad i didn´t stay in hospital.so even if the dr´s in that hospital think i am a bad mother for not staying they don´t know all the medical history of their brothers like the christian hogzug do and i know if it had been the hospital he was in they would have probably only kept us in the first day and let me doo the rest at home so i saying all the time.i am not a bad mother just to get the words of that hospital out of my head.i have to ring the outpatients appointments in the new year.to make an appointment for his skin to be checked and if his skin is clear make an appointment for allergy test etc.so that is the reason we are home and boy am i glad to be home.thanks once again for all your support it is really appreciated.take care and keep smiling. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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