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"Fitness Thing" As my Mom calls it

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today my Dad put up the punching bag for me. When asking for my family's opinion on where to put it, my sister's reaction when my dad asked her was "Oh God". She wanted to put it quite close to the wall. My dad stopped that by saying that it needed swinging room when it gets hit. "But I don't imagine Ashley would be able to hit it that hard". Ouch! That comment stung- a lot. I can actually hit quite hard.

Next thing my mom brought up: both her and my dad want to get rid of our weight machines and instead put in its place our free weights. What would my sister and I think of that they wanted to know? My sister couldn't care less. I'd miss it! When I mentioned that but went on to say that if they wanted to I guess it'd be okay my mom replied "Ashley's really into this eating well and fitness thing".

1st off it's not a thing. It's a lifestyle. My mom herself asked me for help in losing her "pot" as she calls it. Yet every time I ask her if she wants to workout while I'm getting my time in, her answer is No. So now I'm gonna let her come to me. When she wants to get a workout in, I will gladly be her slave driver. 2nd of all, the comments...really sting. Insert sarcasm* Thanks a lot for the encouragement, family. Thanks for being soooo helpful.
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    Sorry your family is so insensitive. At least your dad seems supportive. Just keep on going no matter what they say. The ball is now in your mom's court since you have already offered. Good luck.
    1881 days ago
    A lot of people don't realize when their words hurt so I wouldn't take anything said by family too personally. A lot of times they are trying to be funny, but just aren't very good at it! Also, I know of so many people that really need to lose weight and ask me all the time for tips and what they should do, but none of them ever do what I say or follow my advice. Whatever, until a person finds a good enough reason to stop hoping and start doing, they won't change.

    As for punching... when you hit the bag, don't aim for the outside of the bag. To create more punching power, you want to try and hit through the bag to the other side. It's all about the follow through, punching through your target. But make sure that you have your wrists wrapped up real tight and start with lighter punches and work your way up to crushing blows! Otherwise you will sprain your wrists when you make contact with the bag and you do not want to do that, believe me!!!
    1882 days ago
    If my brother had said I couldn't hit it that hard I probably would have slugged him so he would have thought twice next time. Sorry your family isn't more supportive.
    1883 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    That's a GREAT HABIT to have - I can think of a LOT WORSE!!! Be PROUD of yourself- you are doing nothing wrong, you are not hurting anyone and don't let anyone shame you into changing one thing!! I don't understand why you can't keep both the free weights and the machines.
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    1883 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/29/2012 9:43:20 PM
  • BOBBYD31
    keep asking her maybe she will come around and understand your lifestyle "thing" better. LOL you are doing great keep it up and try not to let others bring you down, keep your head up! proud of your accomplishments
    1883 days ago
    Hey sweetie,
    Some people be they parents, teacher, friends or co-workers just don't get it. Some will be quasi supportive, but as you are realizing you are in this yourself and for the long haul. That's why you have us here. We get it and we support you!
    Go Ashley - knock that bag off it's support!
    Happy, Healthy New Year to you!
    1883 days ago
    I know how you feel, been there and had that! First off, family can react quite badly to change and sometimes can be your main saboteurs but know that you can do this, with or without their support. You are strong and can show them. The best way to help people be healthier is to become healthy yourself and lead by example. It will be hard to make the right food choices and work out when others put you down or make rude comments but it will only strengthen your ability to handle stress like this later in life and be a stronger person.

    My mum is very supportive in many ways but not with fitness. She herself is obese (16 stone (210 lbs)) and keeps on saying she wants to lose weight but won't make healthier choices. Sometimes she comments on my food or my actions, which annoys me like hell, but to be honest I know more what is best for me. Working out everyday seems crazy to an obese person but it's something you gotta do sometime if you are serious about losing excess weight.

    I agree with the above also, free weights are so much more effective than the machines because there a loads of specifics exercises that you can do to target different muscles. I got the Women's body sculpting bible book off amazon i think and it has loads of exercises you can do. I also found doing Chalean's Extreme strength training workout very good to build muscle and lose fat.

    All the best, it seems you have the right attitude towards what you gotta do and you expectations. With determination and commitment, I'm sure you can reach your goals!!
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    1883 days ago
    Parents can be very resentful when their children try to change their lifestyle, it's almost as if they feel rejected, their way isn't good enough! I'm seeing this from the other side, my adult children are very supportive, but a lot of my aquaintances think I'm exercise obsessed, then make remarks about 'of course it's alright for you, you're fit' as if I didn't have to work at it!

    Ignore it, smile, they'll get over it.
    1883 days ago
    It seems that she just doesn't "get it"... that you need to CHANGE the way you relate to food/exercise. Hopefully one day she will.
    1883 days ago
    Don't let it get you down!
    1883 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    People who are not into this lifestyle change really don't understand what it is we are doing and aiming for. Just keep on doing what you have to do for yourself and don't let their comments bother you. You will be the winner of a great body and healthy new you when you continue to live this new way.
    I have found that until a person is ready to make the change, no matter how much encouragement you give them, it doesn't help. It is easier to eat whatever and however much you want then to have to discipline yourself.
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    1883 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    1) You need to tell your mom that "If she wants your help, she has to put the time in to help herself" Dont be too much of a slavedriver at first or she wont come back.

    2) I thought freeweights were more effective than machines, but you would need to do the research.

    3) Yes lifestyle, Yes, hit to create a swing. A BIG ONE!
    1883 days ago
    That's mothers for you. When I started drinking filtered or bottled water and carrying water around with me, 15 years ago, mine referred to it as 'your gunge'. Now of course she carries a bottle of water everywhere with her.
    1883 days ago
    Some rope do nt realize they are sniping.

    Make today a great day!
    1883 days ago
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