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2013 Plan & Goals!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I have learned a lot in 2012, there are things that I need to change if I want to be more closer to my major goal - GET STRONGER!

Which means no more feeling so tired as I'm just 29 (my parents who are 30 years older are feeling much more stronger than me, so embarrassing!), no more easily breakdown in tears (I'm easily get affected by very emotional things that I know I can't control but still can't help the tears) and most of all, I want to be more in control of myself (not letting others to so easily influence me, deceive me, disappoint me).

So, my new plan for the upcoming new year is basically to make things much more simpler and also because I've new priorities such as studying for my career progression and no more feeling sorry for myself being a late 20s single with bleak future in romance relationship. No more too elaborate plan/schedule, less things in my whole year goals (this year I have 29 items in my goal list!), make an adaptable, changeable plan for each quarter (but not too easily changeable that I keep making excuses!) and no more overload excitement over trying new workouts that I get steered away from my goals :D

My goals for 2013 (as I have updated in my SparkPage):
- Have proper sleep schedule
- Do 10-min workout in the morning
- Get daily 7500 steps
- In control with my food
- Complete 1 Yellow Pages in two months (study for career progression)
- 1 kg loss by end of each quarter
- Weight always below 58 kg!

My starting weight and inches for 2013 (taken on 26th December, day after my birthday, hehe):
- Weight (shoulder-length hair, naked except for a bracelet, necklace and earrings)
= 56 kg / 123.2 lbs
- Neck = 12.5"
- Upper arm = 10.5"
- Lower arm = 8"
- Wrist = 5.75"
- Chest/Breasts area = 34"
- Under breasts = 27.5"
- Waist = 30"
- Hips = 37"
- Butts = 39.25"
- Thigh = 22.5"
- Calf = 13"
- Hip-waist ratio = 0.81 (Avocado)
- Body fat % = 26.5% ( www.bmi-calculator.net/b
- BMI = 23 (healthy = 18.5 to 24.9)

And one day, I will wear something like this shoes, sexy strappy platform high heels, for my flat wide feet (how I wish I have dainty, cute feet but at least I still have my own feet!)!
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