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Day 299: Getting Past The Fear..

Saturday, December 29, 2012

OR leaving fear in the past. I'm not sure why I carry around fear sometimes like a comfort blanket. I have been through so much in my life you would think I should be able to walk through fire without much fear. But it seems in some instances I have way too much fear than warranted.
Awhile ago I had finally worked up the courage to finally try yoga for the first time and loved it and wondered what I was so scared of. Then I finally worked up the courage to try yoga in a studio and loved it and wondered what I was so scared of. Also awhile ago I finally tried zumba and loved it and wondered what I was so scared of. Since I have also tried running and loved it and wondered what I was so scared of.
The point is I worry and fear these things only to have wish I would have tried them a lot sooner. So WHY do I not learn from these instances and start jumping in? Why do I still hold on to fear? As you know I had hurt my leg and knee so I have only been walking on the treadmill for exercise. I had stopped everything all together for awhile. But why? Why did I not keep doing arm exercises and crunches, etc? Why is it so hard for me to dive right in again? Yes my leg still hurts but I think doing yoga would help me and possibly my leg a good bit. Why is it so hard to do it? I even got a new yoga dvd to inspire me but so far it's just sitting there. Why am I carrying this fear around with me? Why is just doing some crunches or hand weights a big thing? Why is doing the yoga video a big thing? I WAS doing all kinds of videos and crunches before. What happened? Why am I scared all over again? Why do I feel like I'm in new territory all over again? Like I've never been here before or have never done this before? I don't get it. Am I scared of failing somehow? I shouldn't be. I should be able to look at how far I've come and see even if one thing doesn't work it's worth trying it. You may love it! It may come back to you easily and easily become a habit again if you only try.
YOU CAN DO THIS! Start off with those baby steps. Yes, it's like you are starting all over again but what can you do at this point? It's a little late for Woulda Coulda Shoulda's. So just suck it up. Be a big girl so you won't be a BIG girl. :) YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! All you have to do is try. Take that first step. Just dip your toes in. You can do this. That one crunch will lead to 50 in no time. That one small set of hand weights will lead to several in no time. That one video will lead you back to being strong and fearless in no time. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!
And remember you only have 176 days until the cruise!! GET TO WORK!!!! TODAY!!!! You can't do anything about your glowing white skin but you can make your curves outshine that. :) Come on cute swimsuit!!! YOU ARE MINE!!!
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