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Over React, Who Me?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh boy, yep, me! So, last night I was pretty sure I was losing my mind. The refrigerator broke and Jack was acting pure crazy all day. I didn't know if our house was being haunted or some animal got under the house somehow or if Jack was having neurological problems or hwat. I was totally freaked out and so was Jack. Hubby was freaked out too he now admits, but was pretty good at hiding it last night.

Jack jumped over us and off of us all night and when he finally tried to sleep he trembled in fear. He did not want to be in the house. And, bot be clear, his anxiety started well before mine. I just fed off of his.

Hubby called a local appliance store this morning and they sent a repair man straight out. He got here at 8:30. Anthony was in the shower, so the guy asked me what was happening and I told him. The fridge was making a clicking sound and he asked if it was all the time or every 5 minutes or so and I told him 5 minutes, blah, blah, blah. He knew immediately what was wrong and got to fixing it. It was some switch on the compresser. He was able to fix it and it appears all is working fine again. We did lose everything in the freezer and all the dairy and leftovers that were in the refrigerator, but that is nothing compared to the expense of a new fridge and all.

We can only theorize that when the switch "blew" it gave off a burning odor that freaked Jack out and Jack didn't think the house was safe. That actually makes us feel good that in case there ever is a fire here that Jack would get himself out if we were not here. Anthony and I were both more upset about Jack than anything. The 2 of them are now laying in bed together with Jack stretched out beside hubby. It is good to have him back to himself!

I was able to have a nap today and while still tired, will get to bed soon. Anthony had to work all day and now is exhausted. I'm sure Jack is exhausted too. In this house, if the dog doesn't sleep, nobody sleeps! Kind of hard with him jumping on the bed, over the 2 of us, then off the bed and then repeat or trembling and panting and licking his lips in fear! I didn't know if we all should get out of the house b/c he sensed something or smelled something we didn't. Then, I thought spirits. Then I thought health. I worked myself up into a tizzy! We were all just freaked out.

I can say that all is well. The fridge is purring perfectly. Anthony & Jack are relaxing, ready to fall asleep in bed. I am still a bit frazzled, but here and feeling sane again. As for the job, we'll see. I'm going to talk to my doc about upping my anti-depressant a bit and see if that helps. My therapist moved out of town, boy do I miss her! Yes, I'm a therapist myself, but sometimes you are just too close to the problem to help yourself.

I'm not sure how I feel about God not giving us more than we can handle. And, God testing us. My mom passed that test. In her Thanksgiving thankful notes she said "Thank you God for not giving me more than I can handle". I suppose that is true, but to what end? She suffered more in this life than anyone needs to and kept her faith. Why would God test a person like that? I'm a different story. I don't have her faith. I question. So, maybe that means more tests. I don't know. It just doesn't seem right to me. I'm tired of being strong and amazing and thos other words people use for me.... I'm plain slap assed tired.

We are taking my dad out to eat tomorrow evening. Our neighbors are going, my good friend and her husband are going, me, Anthony, Dad and my in-laws. It will be nice. Today was Dad's birthday and he was still fighting this cold we all have. He sounds weak and tired too. My friend here on SP calls me Princess Glass Half Full. I'm feeling more than half empty right now. Thank you for the advice, the prayers, the positive vibes! I'm still here. Thank you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • TANYA602
    Here I am catching up on blogs and friend feeds and the two blogs are night and day. I'm so glad your fridge is fixed, Jack is back to himself, and you have an idea of some of the questions you need to ask your doctor. Honey pie, one day at a time. You've got this.

    1395 days ago
    You've had quite a time of it. I'm glad your fridge was just a switch. So happy it was fixed.

    Glad to hear Jack it back to normal. Had to be something with the broken fridge driving him crazy. Poor boy.

    You get some rest and I hope you start feeling like yourself soon.
    1395 days ago
    Wow what a rough evening-hope everything is better for you in 2013
    1395 days ago
  • MICHELLE_391
    Gah! Sounds like a really stressful evening with at least a logical explanation. It is amazing what dogs can sense that we don't. Jack couldn't understand why the bad smell was there and he didn't think it was a safe smell. I'll bet you that (heaven forbit) if something dangerous DID happen (like a gas leak) he's be able to alert you as well.

    I hope you all got some sleep!
    1395 days ago
    Glad you didn't have to buy a new fridge.

    Give Jack a big hug for being so protective.
    1395 days ago
    Keiko went and took herself in our office, which is upstairs the other night after dragging one of my jumpers off the chair to lay on. She has never done this before, and on investigation it turned out that a load of heavy plastic toys from the neighbours had been chucked in our garden that night., on our patio... she obviously heard this and didnt think it was safe downstairs .. so took herself and her teddy in the room that was closest to ours that she could manage to get in.
    Never did know how the toys got in the garden or why... Glad that you didnt need a new fridge and that all is calm in your house now
    1395 days ago
    Happy that your fridge is fixed and you're not needing to replace the whole thing. Glad Jack is back to his old self. Continuing to think of you, Melissa, as you are feeling run with little to give. That's understandable. One day at a time.
    Maria emoticon
    1396 days ago
    hope you have a better new year emoticon
    1396 days ago
    1396 days ago
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