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Bad Leroy Brown doesn't like SparkPeople

Friday, December 28, 2012

Bad Leroy Brown doesn't care much for SparkPeople.
He's written a letter and asked me to share with you:

Hi. I'm Bad Leroy Brown. That's me in the picture above, beside the elephants, guarding mom's desk in her office. That's where I spend a lot of time now.

Before mom joined SparkPeople in October, I had it made. Mom would usually sit on the couch most of the day reading a book or chatting with her friends and family on Facebook. So, being the faithful companion that I am, I would snuggle in her lap or right up against her on the couch. It was great.

But because of SparkPeople, she doesn't sit down very often anymore. She's always up and doing stuff in the house or outside. Used to be when she tried to do stuff outside, she'd always have to stop because her back or hips or shoulders would start to hurt. I heard her tell dad the other day that the workout videos she's been doing with Coach Nichole has made her feel so much better. Well, Coach Nichole might be kinda cute but come to think of it, I don't think I like her very much either.

The other day mom was acting really weird - walking fast from the bedroom into the living room and then into her office, and walking circles around the couch and chairs and stuff like that.

And if that wasn't bad enough, she started teasing me with one of my favorite treats and wouldn't give it to me. She made me get out of my comfortable bed to try to get it. And then she started running again and I had to chase her all over the house to finally get it. Whew! I was tired and panting afterwards! I think I slept the rest of that day!

I guess I should be really happy for mom because she is so much happier. She smiles all the time. She's always doing stuff, listening to music and dancing around the house. She even tries to sing sometimes. (Ewwww.) She does a lot of stuff that dad used to do like bring in firewood and do stuff in the yard and around the pond.

Maybe it won't be too bad if she doesn't make me chase her anymore. But I notice she's beginning to call me names like 'Tugboat' and 'Piglet'. What's up with that anyway?

Mom has been telling everybody about SparkPeople and how she's made so many really cool SparkFriends.

Anyway, thanks for being nice to my mom. She gets a little bit weird some times but she's relatively harmless.


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