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So What is Stopping You?

Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm one of those people who has to think everything through all the time. I don't do much on impulse, and when I do... I usually regret it. Same with weight loss. All this thinking, and planning, and researching, and never really doing....

emoticon I'm so tired of being fat. I'm so tired of my clothes not fitting. I'm so tired of hurting because I am fat. I'm just so tired of being tired.
emoticon So What is Stopping you?
emoticon Planning my meals is overwhelming. I just can't seem to stay on top of it. I always fail, and go back to eating fast food, gaining what I have lost back.
emoticon So make it simple for yourself.
emoticon I don't know how. I guess I should just quit eating all together. Anorexia is looking pretty tempting. That is how bad I want to lose weight.
emoticon Ha. Ha. Ha. You can't go a day w/o eating. You were all ready eyeing those candy bars that someone brought into the office for us to sell. So don't feed me that line of crap.
emoticon Need I remind you that not eating is un-healthy and you could die b/c of it? It's not like you are responsible for the upbringing of two amazing kids or anything.
emoticon Keep it simple. Go back to the basics. If you really want this... you can do this.
emoticon I do really want this. I just suck at meal planning. If only I could afford Jenny Craig or some other program where they tell me what to eat, so I can't decide to eat bad things. Those candy bars look really good....
emoticon Stop thinking about those candy bars.
emoticon You're right. Candy bars got me in this mess to begin with. OK. Basics. I can't afford Jenny Craig. Hmmmmmmmm.......
emoticon Keep it simple.
emoticon Slim Fast.....
emoticon They tell you what to eat for 2 meals and 3 snacks a day... you have to be responsible for dinner.
emoticon Yes. But it would be a good opportunity for me to learn to eat right. One meal a day. While the other meals are just a given. Simple. Nothing I have to think about.
emoticon It could be a good springboard for you to start the weight loss. It would make things simple. Two slim fast shakes, two sensible snacks (fruit/veggies), and one sensible dinner. It would be easy to track. It is simple. Will take all of the focus and thinking out of it, and you can finally just do it. I won't have to listen to you complain all the time about how you don't know what to do, and how you are tired of being fat.
emoticon Oh I'm sure you'll still hear me complain. You're kind of stuck with me.
emoticon And I'll tell you zip it.
emoticon I wouldn't have it any other way. It's why I keep you around.
emoticon Go drink some Slim Fast or something. And don't forget exercise. That's part of the basics.
emoticon Yes Mam!

So what is stopping you? What excuse do you hide behind? How can you find a way around it so you can achieve the goals you have dreamed?

I am back to the basics today. I am forgetting about all the other things I have been side tracked by, and I am starting at square one. This is a learning process, and until I can trust myself to be full off of cottage cheese, fruit, and/or oatmeal for breakfast, I am just going to stick to a simple, throw together in two minutes breakfast. Until I can trust myself not to give into the greasy gods of fast food for lunch... I will fall back on a simple, throw together in two minutes lunch.

I realized yesterday that I have 23 weeks till my birthday. My daughter's dance recital is usually around my birthday. We will be going on vacation to a beach somewhere in June/July (DQ's dance competition for nationals will be either at VA beach or Myrtle beach). If I average around 2 lbs a week, and I am serious about this.... I CAN DO THIS. I CAN LOSE 46 lbs by my birthday. I could be more comfortable in a bathing suit for vacation. I could be more comfortable in my skin for the hectic stressful day that recital day is. I could be healthier... and possibly have a pain free back in 23 weeks?!?!? SIGN ME UP!

I haven't posted this blog because I want you to run out and buy up slim fast and do this with me. You do what you need to do to make this work for you. I posted this as a reminder for myself. So I can go back and re read this when my motivation wavers. I want to stay on track. I REALLY WANT THIS. I posted this blog because I had an epiphany. Because I am tired of holding myself back. Because I am going to achieve my dreams in 2013. I really hope you can too. Don't let whatever is stopping you... stop you any more. You are worth this. I am worth this. WE can do this!!!

emoticon T.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I literally caught myself wishing they had a people version of dog food the other day - one food that gives us everything we need and that's that. Might be boring, but it would be easy!

    That said, I'm doing something similar to your Slim Fast plan, but with Lean Cuisines (or whatever diet frozen meals are on sale). I have breakfast "on my own," and then have a LC for lunch and another for dinner. Healthy snacks are allowed. It gives me the option of variety, and is easier to track. Plus, I don't cook so this is kind of perfect for me right now. So, if you're OK with me doing the LCD while you do the SFD, I'm totally on board with doing it together! :)

    1843 days ago
    we always make things like this harder than they need to be and then get stressed out and throw everything down the toilet that we have already accomplished. I also found when I had lost all that weight last year that the nerves in my back didn't pinch up nearly as much as what they are doing now. Or maybe it's the fact that I actually exercised last year lol. If only things could be so much more simpler......
    1847 days ago
    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome. You can totally do this:) Stay motivated and spread the word for support from family and friends.

    1849 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    We CAN do this! We can do it! Wa can do it! I shot back up in my weight too a bit. I had gotten down to 139 and then went back up to 153.4. It is really hard at times. Esp. when you are hurting. (inside and out) BUT!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! TODAY WILL BE A GREAT DAY!!! We will make fabulous choices! Let's do this!! emoticon emoticon
    1851 days ago
    Don't let them call you nuts. I talk to myself all the time!

    You can do it! Keep us posted!

    ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.•´ .•´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.•´ ..•´ Spread some SPARKle-:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.•´*

    1851 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/28/2012 3:58:42 PM
    Great Blog!! I'm right there at step one with you. We are going to do this this year!! emoticon emoticon
    1851 days ago
    Sometimes we just stop paying attention and need to start doing it again. Remember to read ingredients in all things you want to digest, even slim fast cans. You were doing really well when I first met you and I know you can jump back on that horse. Let's both get back on track!
    1851 days ago
    emoticon Like you I have been going back to the drawing board like crazy trying to find what works for me and what doesnt. I think it is great you are fired up, have a goal and formulating a plan that will fit you. If you find it doesnt work for you down the road don't you give up! Just readjust and keep your goal in mind! NOTHING can stop you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1851 days ago
    I'm with you on this journey. I love the Slim-Fast plan because it is so easy and I can't afford Jenny Craig, WW, or the rest. My 34th b-day is 11 weeks from this Sunday and I have so much I want to do that is just passing me by (travel, having kids, etc).
    I am taking this year to focus on me (weight loss, school/job advancement). I gave so much of myself to helping my mom that I lost myself.

    This is our year and we just need to remember the support that we have and utilize the knowledge that we have gained through all our research.
    1851 days ago
  • RUSSELL_40
    I had this thought a few days ago. I am down 60 since last year, but most of that was from the start of the year. I have been hovering for a while. I have 13 weeks from this Sunday till the end of March, and that will be 2 years from my picture, so I intend to get new ones to show how much I have lost. I also got an early start, figuring why wait? I know what works for me, and hope the Slimfast plan works for you. My goal is Onederland by March 31st.

    Nothing stopping us, lets get to it. It's always good to say it out loud. All prepped up, and the holiday food is in the rear view mirror. Let's make 2013 the best year yet.
    1851 days ago
    What works for me is making a really healthy dinner, making double, and eating the same thing for lunch the next day. Easy and fast!
    1851 days ago
    Love this! You are so right...we are our own worst enemies. I think what's getting in my way right now is that I feel like I can't go without a cookie or a piece of cake. Like I have no willpower. So instead of even trying to go without I'm "allowing" myself to eat them. Well, when will it stop??!! I have to be the one to stop it. Ugh.

    I was thinking about doing something similar. Things are just so darn expensive and my poor tummy can't handle slimfast- I've tried. Believe don't want to be around me after I drink/eat anything Slim Fast! LOL!
    1851 days ago
  • CYALE76
    Great blog. I am my own worst enemy. Just like you I get it I lose the weight and then fall and put it back on. You can do this !!! Starting back to the basics sounds like a great plan!
    1851 days ago
    Good introspective self-conversation

    Make Today a Great Day!
    1851 days ago
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