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Oh my God - I'm a CRACK addict!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Well – if by crack I mean food then yes. I am a food addict. But it may as well be crack the way I am transfixed by it!

Over periods of depression while I have been away from Spark I have really noticed the only time I was feeling better (as in wanting to stand up, basically!) was when I was eating.

The more fat, sugar and carbs I stuffed in my gob, the bigger my internal smile-o-meter grew and the more pleasure hormones my brain would produce.

Lets just saying eating a couple of carrots would not make my smile-o-meter go ding whereas a Krsipy Kreme donut could definitely send it into over drive!

And as soon as I stopped chewing and swallowed the last bite?

CRASH and my mood plummeted.

So what lesson do I (and many of us) learn about the pleasure hormones that fatty, salty or sweet food gives us as we slowly expand?

Eating crap food makes you feel good. So keep eating it and you'll feel even GOODER!

Most of us learn our lesson early with alcohol in those teenage years when we drink till we puke and eventually as we mature we know when its time to NOT have that next glass of wine or beer.

Why is it our body does not tell us the same thing when we are stuffing down pastries and chips and … well the list is endless.

And I do mean STUFFING. As in inhaling, cramming, non stop pushing of food into my cake hole.

If I am in the mood for Mickey D's hash browns in the morning I would go and get 2 x sausage McMuffins, 4 hash browns and a Coffee Kick Frappe.

As I handed over my money at the drive through window (dear God why would I want to walk in and order when that burns so many precious calories!) I would look the server in the eye and make sure SHE knew that I knew that she knew that I really WAS ordering breakfast for me and the other invisible person at home and this was not just for me!.

The pleasure I would get from eating those crunchy, fatty hash browns was insane – when you really notice how your brain and body reacts its surprising. I really do get a little “high” from that kind of food.

But I also get that body high from doing some good hard exercise and I HAVE to remember that and keep implementing it into my day.

So. Please. All you “crack” addicts out there. Lets kick the habit and get some healthier ones happening.

Spark On! emoticon

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  • JEAN111766
    Hey, I went to WW today and was reaffirmed that I am definitely in the right place. The the leader today has lost 200 lbs and has kept it off since 2009 and did it all with WW. I was totally impressed and decided again that this is the time for me to make this commitment once and for all!
    You with me friend?
    We can do this!!!!!!!
    1815 days ago
    This is so true....but....you can exercise all you want and if what we eat is not under our control and discipline we will NOT lose weight.
    1815 days ago
    David, this is so me! It is really a hard habit to break. I, too, get a high from exercising but I find myself sometimes exercising to overcompensate my overeating. I am slowly trying to make progress. I will go one step forward and then two steps back...but I have to keep trying.

    We will eventually get there though. So happy to see you back!
    1815 days ago
    I've been stuck inside for a wk. And the weather has changed. I can't wait to get out there, & see what's going on!!!

    We are getting fitter. One day @ a time. One step @ a time.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1815 days ago
    Welcome back David. It's been a while since I read your blog. You can do it. Kick that crack habit.
    1816 days ago
    I do understand these craving for sugar, fat and salt, I had them for years. They do still rear they ugly head sometimes. I do resist these temptations now but it did take me a long time.
    Keep logging on ato help keep you acccountable. We are here for you.
    1816 days ago
    don't know that i would label any foods as crack for me. there are things i know i can only eat in small quantities, and i accept that. but i like so many different things that are not fast food that are not good for me in large quantities, like cheese and steak and baked potatoes.
    1816 days ago
    Hi David ..Good to see you back .. emoticon Where have you been and how are you doing? hugs Susie
    1816 days ago
    I have an ongoing list of foods which do really contain crack for me. I refuse to even bring them into the house. Christmas has been hard because my hubs has chocolates and clients bring cookies. My cocoon of food safety has been invaded!

    I totally dig what you are saying here. I think only a food addict can really describe the tastes and textures of the foods they love so well. When you described the crunchy, fatty hashbrowns, I could tatse them.

    I once described chewing a chocolate chip cookie as the grittiness of the sugar and the bitterness of the chocolate melding together in the nicest way. I also really love the way the cookie kinda compresses between your teeth before actually being broken off from the rest of the cookie.

    I can only say, I have had to decide which I want more......that momentary gratification followed by the yuck feeling or the energy to live my life. I choose life, Friend! Clearly, you do too!
    1816 days ago
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