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Running day 7

Thursday, December 27, 2012

So I am currently spending the week at my sister's house watching my nephew while daycare is off for them. I have noticed that I am simply exhausted by him all day. But that thought is completely unrelated to the post.

My sister has been overweight like me for most of her life. Two years ago, she started running and got healthy. She was also very active on weight watchers. When she had her baby, she gained most of the weight back and hasn't lost it since. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that....but I was always so jealous that she could lose weight and it took me so much effort to simply not overeat...I was jealous and mad that she lost the weight and a part of me was happy that she gained it back. Now that I am trying to work on my own health, I understand that maybe she simply made it look easy, and maybe it wasn't as easy as it looked...

I wondered when i started this journey if running was for me, or if i thought that it was for me because it was something that my sister could do. i have learned that i love zumba. i love being with people working out. i realize now that I have always wanted to be a runner and enjoy it when I am doing it.

So I have been working on running on my treadmill. I actually thought that I was getting good at it. Yea, umm, not so much...

Today was the first day that I ran outside.. I convinced my sister to sign up for the half marathon with me. She ran it two years ago. So we decided since we were together, we would try to run together for the night. I thought that I could show her up a little, since I can run a mile and a half on the treadmill. Guess what? I couldn't. I knew it was going to be hard running outside compared to the treadmill, I just didn't know it was going to be that bad.

For the first mile, I followed her. The sidewalks were questionable and it was dark and cold. We completed a 17 or so minute mile for the first one. We would run 2 or 3 blocks and then walk one or two. Once we got to the turn around spot, I was really wanting to see if I could do more. She told me to run ahead and go to the turn. I ran probably 6 blocks, went a little farther, and came back to meet her. She stayed a block or so behind me. When we got home, she plugged in her watch to show the laps. We ran a 4.4 mph on the second mile. That is totally treadmill speed!!! In all, we ran two miles in 28 minutes...not bad for my first outside run.

I think this is the start to a new old self would have been very upset that I only got two miles in thirty minutes, I would've given up, I would've been defeated... I'm ok wit it. I'm not thrilled that it was so hard to run outside, but I will get better. I know I can get better at it...

Issue with this is that I won't be able to keep this up when I get home. I mean I can do the running on the treadmill thing, however, I can't do the running on the road. I live out in the boonies, so we have no sidewalks. The road I live on doesn't get plowed much, and I definitely do not trust drivers on it. I could go into town, but I'm not sure how often the sidewalks are plowed. I've never had to notice this kinda stuff before... I think come the new year, I am going to put a extra set of running clothes in the car along with some shoes. Maybe if the weather is nice afterword one day, I can just head out for a run. I don't know. However, if this would be my plan, then I'd have an excuse to go buy those adorably cute running pants that will make my look incredibly huge, but I will not care because I am trying to get healthy and sometimes, I just can't care...

Also, my sister has a garmin forerunner watch. I didn't get to use it, she had it, but I got to see the downloaded version of our run. It was really neat and goodness, it made calculating data so easy. My only question about it is do I need it. No, I do not. I survived my first running experience outside, with someone else, without music. I know I can do it. But I want it. But my sister thinks that I should wait and get it once I get better a running. Which is true. But I hate it when she tells me what I can or cannot do. Therefore, I want that stupid watch. Ugh, to spend two hundred or not.

Lastly, my sister and her husband are joining weight watchers. Yay for them, but seriously, I just want this weight loss thing to be mine for a bit. I know she will do amazing at it when she starts, so all my hard work will not be able to compare to her, no matter what I do, somedays, I just can't win when it comes to her.

Sorry for the world's most random post. Just lots of thoughts that needed to come out....
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  • MOVES327
    I am so glad to hear you did this! Great job! Hopefully this will afford you the confidence to get out there on your own.

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 and I absolutely love it. I am a statistics/numbers nerd though, so that is not surprising. Even for walking it is great for keeping records easily of what you. If you have the funds, I would strongly encourage getting one. I think they come standard with chest strap for heart monitor. Make sure you get one if not.

    If you cannot afford this, you can map out runs and time them with a cheap stopwatch. I would try to map out runs that are set distances then use the stopwatch to make sure you are maintaining or improving the pace.

    Watch your soreness carefully. Running is a very violent activity for our body and easy to get hurt. There is nothing wrong with walking 3.X mile per hours and putting your time in. Lots of people say that low intensity workouts may be better for burning fat etc. Not sure if that is anecdotal or not, I really have nothing to back that up. Just something to think about. Don't be afraid to do brisk walks on the treadmill or outside on days off.

    Last, one reason I am able to go for hours on end on my stationary bike is I have set up things to keep my mind going so I do not just stare at the well for 3 or 4 hours. I stream shows/movies on a computer I have put up their, listen to podcasts, or even audiobooks. There is lots of options, so don't be afraid to mix things up or try new things.
    1437 days ago
    Thanks for your comments and CONGRATS on setting a half marathon as your goal and on your first outdoor run! Don't worry about your speed, you will get better and faster as you go! I love running, which was not always the case. HATED IT when I first started, but grew to love it. It makes me feel happy and strong and when I cannot do it, I really miss it...oh and I totally recommend the Garmin Forerunner or something to track your is way cool to know how fast and how far you're going while it's happening.

    1438 days ago
    How to map your walking/running route for accuracy and to calculate accurate calories

    Monday, December 24, 2012

    The steps below will enable you to route out your walking/running route to determine the accurate route and to calculate based on your weight the accurate calories and time of exercise and most important you can save it for future use. It does take a little time to map you route, but it is worth it.

    1. To create a custom route, Click "my Fitness" on the "My Trackers" tab.

    2.Scroll to the button and Click "Map My Route"

    3. Enter your zip code and Click "GO."

    4. Click "Create New Route."

    5. Input the starting street address only and Click the "Start Here" button.

    6. The map itself is not accurate, to correct this, on the map Click the "Satellite" button.

    7. On the left side Click the "+" at the top of the scale to zoom in on your start location.

    8. If the green balloon is at the wrong start location click on it (it will disappear), not Click on the correct start location this will create a new green balloon.
    *** As you map your route you will need to move the map, is you left click and move your mouse (cross hairs let you know you are doing it correctly), the map moves in the direction you move the mouse. Once you move the map where you want take your finger off the mouse left clicker.

    9. Move the mouse to the next location along your route and click it, a red balloon is created, the red balloon is always the last imputed location data, the others will turn white (Lines are created from one balloon to the next) (on the left side you will see the number of miles as you enter the data). Straight path require fewer balloons to map, curve need shorter intervals between balloons to recreate the curve.
    *** If you run to a stopping point and return on the same path to return to your starting point, when you get to the point where you turn around, click the "and Return" box on the left.

    10. Give your route a name and click the save button at the bottom of the page.

    If you have any problems or questions, you can post on my sparkpage or send me sparkmail. I am usually on most of the time.

    Please send this to others or direct them to my site I will accept them as friends

    1438 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/28/2012 12:31:19 AM
    KERRIELYNN, Congratulation on running outside, it is harder because of wind road surface and no conveyor belt. But you also burn more calories for the same speed and distance. You also know I am always going to be honest with you, no sidewalks is no reason to not run outside I live on the outskirts of Springfield and on one end is a major city road and the other end a county road neither has side walks. My entire 4 mile loop is on roads that do not have a shoulder or a sidewalk. What I do is run against traffic, that way I can see what is coming most cars will move more to the middle and I wave to them in thanks, when I see that one is not moving to the center I just go into the yard next to me and wait for them to pass (I stop the stopwatch and start it when the car has passed (In a year I have only had to do that twice, and the road is busy) I hope you continue to go outside, try the morning or afternoon, you will love the scenery.
    Best wishes
    1438 days ago
  • ABA101
    Awesome job with being under 30 minutes. You are so much more brave than I am. Running outside again still intimidates me!

    If you're going to run outside, get something to measure the run. Whether the watch or even the Nike + running tool that you can use with your new iPad (if you feel like buying a $120 pair of Nikes) If you don't know what you're running, then you don't know how much you're improving.

    You're awesome!

    1438 days ago
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