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Week 2 Review

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This week was okay. I apparently gained 8 lbs?! I couldn't believe it, but then I thought about all the wine, cookies, bread, cakes I had + the fact that its my TOM and I realized 8 lbs is a very big possibility. The holidays are always a struggle for me. I did better than I normally do, but I still need to work on making better choices. I feel confident this alcohol/sugar/TOM bloat will drop quickly and I can get right back on track! Here's a review of my week as far as the BL challenge:

*ITC Ė Week 2 - we get 1 point if you do this and another point if you do the bonus

It is the Season of giving....lets think about the gift of health

Try and give each one of these gifts to a friend, a loved one or yourself this week. You will earn the ITC point just for trying.

1. The gift of pampering without adding pounds- do something that makes you feel good
--- I put together a nice Christmas Eve night celebration for my sister and wife. They really loved it and I felt good about doing something special for them, especially since it was the first year my sister and I were away from home.
2. The gift of hydration.
--- I tried. And I did drink a lot of water, but I think I drank more coffee and wine that probably negated the water!
3. The gift of activity with family, friends or by yourself.
--- My wife and I LOVE the musical Les Mis so we made plans to meet up with two other couples to see the movie together this weekend!
4. The gift of reflection. What do you want to accomplish with the coming year.
--- I would like to finally reach my goal weight and pay off my remaining credit card debt.
5. The gift of mindful eating. If you choose to eat treats pay attention to if you really like them. Is it worth it?
--- I LOVE the classic Spritz cookies (made with the shooter/press) and every year I totally GORGE myself on them. But this year I took the time to really notice how I felt eating them, and either the recipe has changed or they're just not as good as I remember them. This is important because I tend to eat a lot based on nostalgia versus actual taste.
6. The gift of rest. Get a good nightís sleep
--- I was tempted to stay up and read this great book I started, but then I remembered to give myself the "gift of rest" so I turned the light out and probably gave myself an extra hour of sleep!
7. The gift of support. Encourage a teammate.
--- I sent several goodies and left comments on blogs offering support.

*Bonus:NewYear~new ideas - Give a goodie or a comment on their page to every member on your team.
--- I left a comment on (I hope) everyone's page!

This is such a busy time of the year, so itís important to get your rest! Sleep is so important to your weight loss and health goals. Read some of the suggested articles below, OR find and share a few articles of your own with the rest of the team.
---I was much more mindful of when I went to bed. I tend to stay up very late and do stimulating things like watch tv or play games on my phone, but this week I would just turn the light off and try to sleep- no matter how "awake" I felt. It was hard some nights, but other nights I fell right asleep!

*MINI Challenge Ė Do something special for yourself directed toward sleep . . . whether itís new techniques from one of the articles, a new pillow, a better sleep schedule, etc. Report back what youíve done! If you already think your sleep habits are where they should be, how about sharing some suggestions with the group!
---I have worked very hard on tackling sleep problems. My suggestion is to create a routine that you stick to every night. It really helps your body understand that its time to wind down and go to sleep. Do it no matter how tired you are (i.e. don't skip brushing your teeth).

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BROOKLEE99 12/27/2012 4:31PM

    I really related to your post! I was doing quite well but hit a bump at the holiday season. It seemed like someone somewhere was offering me a glass of sparkling wine at every corner! Thank you for your positive and inspiring post! I needed it!

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