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What have I accomplished in a year?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's that time of year where we look back and see where we have been and how far we've come. This year has seen many changes in health, some for better and some not so much.

1) I have lost a total of 40 pounds during my journey here on SP. I feel awesome about this. It's been coming off slowly, but it's also been staying off which is fantastic.

2) I have really changed some food habits of mine for the better. I am no longer boredom eating. I have more than enough to occupy my mind, my hands and my body!

3) I've been drinking more water, less soda. In fact, if I drink a glass of soda in a week it's alot for me now.

4) I haven't exercised as much as I wanted to and need to. I have a plan to change this as soon as I take down the Christmas tree LOL

5) I went from good control of my diabetes to feeling out of control. This is the one that gets me. It seems the better I eat the worse my daily glucose readings have gotten.

6) Medication tweaks have left a toll on me. The latest cocktail is now leaving me sick to my stomach to the point where food is almost painful to choke down. I have to force myself to eat, because I know I need the fuel for my body. I'll be calling the doctor today for some kind of recourse.

7) I've taken on a job that is not as stressful within the company. It's not all on me anymore to get it done. I'm part of a team, and I am liking this.

8) I've been getting good rest...or at least I was until I started this medication. Last night was not so good (grand total of 1 hour), but I am thinking this is temporary.

9) My attempts at better habits have rubbed off on Plex. He's lost weight and sizes! He's looking healthier, feeling better, and his IBS seems to be in better control.

10) My daughter Boo also seems to be losing some weight, though I don't think she realizes it. We're cooking in more, eating out less, and have switched to healthier foods.

That's just my top 10. I've had many ups and downs. I hit a plateau that didn't seem like it would ever end, but instead of giving up, I changed it up. None of these things were accomplished overnight. They took work, and they took commitment to myself. When I see weight loss commercials on tv now I laugh and recognize it for the scam it is. There is no miracle pill that will make it magically go away. There is no such thing as exercise without actually exercising. No magic clothing that burns the fat while you sleep.

While I may not have hit my goal for the year (I missed it by 53 pounds), I am happy with my progress. I worked hard, and it shows. That in itself is my reward.
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