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"No rum balls for you.You are on a diet" and cookies in the disposal..Xmas maintenance

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have lost 117 pounds and am in one year and three months of maintenance. One of my tools to stay focused during the holidays is to get rid of the abundance of goodies that keep arriving.
I have dumped trays of cookies in the disposal. I might comment that in my addictive past, I would search for unfinished bags of cookies in the garbage!
I have gotten rid of 3 boxes of candy. As I was carrying a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts out of the house, I had to laugh. I realized that I really have changed my life,. People might think my actions are crazy and wasteful, but staying healthy has become part of my life.

I have enjoyed Xmas celebrations. I did make xmas goodies that my family wanted. However, this Xmas, I have finally realized that I do not need to have a super huge meal of tons of appetizers, side dishes, deserts to celebrate. I am happier and healthier with simpler meals.

So people at work have watched me stay away from sweets for a year. Sometimes people are supportive and other times they are critical. One of my co-workers prides herself on making plates and plates of her mother's rum balls for everyone. This year after handing out plates to everyone, she walks over to me and says in an angry voice, "You are not getting any rum balls. You are on a diet." I was surprised at the hostility. I realized she sees me as being a grinch of Xmas because I have not been indulging in the office treats. She felt that I was personally ruining her Xmas gifts by not eating sugar.
My reaction is threefold. Once again I realize how alone this journey of health can be in today's world. Plus, once again someone is trying to tell me what I can or cannot eat. And finally, I want to say," excuse me I am not on a diet. Just because I am eating healthfully does not mean I am on a diet. I have been maintaining for a year."

To be a maintainer or succesful in weight loss you have to lose your fear of disappointing people. You need a very strong belief in what is important to you. You will often be alone in your journey.

I do not have a New Year's resolution. What I do have is a daily commitment to staying healthy. I will continue this throughout the year.

I am happy. I am in my goal range for the holiday season. I am working very hard to stay in that range throughout the holidays. I feel positive and stronger as I enter my second year of maintenance. I plan on being in that 50% of the 5 percent who keep it off for two years!

Happy Holidays to all of the wonderful Spark People.
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