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Six Sick Cats

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few weeks ago I took the last of the indoor kitten to the Humane Society to get spayed. A couple of days after bringing them home, I noticed that Maui's incision didn't look right, so I took her back. They said it was herniated and needed additional surgery. The recovery from that surgery required that she be kept quiet for about a week. This meant no jumping on anything - she had to be confined. Since I have 7 indoor cats right now, even putting her in a separate room would be next to impossible, so they kept her.

When the week was up, I got her and brought her home on a Sunday. Almost immediately I noticed her coughing and sneezing - a couple of times right into the faces of the other cats. I was pretty upset that they gave me a sick cat to take home, so instead of taking her back to the humane society, I took her to my vet. Sure enough she had an upper respitory virus. They gave me some antibiotics to stave off any secondary bacterial infections and sent me home with instructions to keep her separate from the other cats, and to call if the others started showing symptoms. I felt terrible because she is a very social cat and had just spent a week in a cage at the humane society, and now she had to be kept by herself for another week. I did as I was instructed - she got her meds twice a day, and I spent a couple of hours a day with her just holding her when she felt bad and playing a little with her when she felt better.

As I was out of town for the Christmas holidays, a friend stayed at the house and took care of the cats. On Christmas Day she was allowed back with the other cats, but by then, I was told, several of the others were starting to show symptoms. Unfortunately the vet's office was closed and we couldn't get meds until yesterday. When I got home I was upset at how congested a couple of the cats are. We got antibiotics in everyone, and again this morning, and it's going to be quite a circus for the next week. One of my favorites, Mizuno (named after my running shoes), is really congested. I think he is going to need a trip to the vet.

Maui, who is now 99% recovered is tearing around the house wondering why no one wants to play with her. I just hope that no one gets worse, but since I am home right now, I will at least be able to keep an eye on them.

If anyone has any advice on how to make them feel more comfortable, I sure would be appreciative (and so would they).

On a positive note - I finally got a full time job and start on the 7th! The bonus is that there is no travel and the commute is about 1/2 hour from home, which is about as short a commute as i can expect in relation to where I live.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on the new job!! Sorry about the kitties.
    1810 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Never dealt with URIs myself, but I have a very sick cat so I feel for you!
    1814 days ago
  • BILL60
    That's a lot of cats.
    1816 days ago
    Sorry I don't have any tips for the cats. Congrats on the job.

    1816 days ago
  • KENWANNE2013
    oh poor you. Having had one poorly pud lately, I know how exhausting and worrying it can be. My tips are:

    a. Give each of them lots of love each day. Cats tend to withdraw when poorly, and it's good to let them rest, but they can also get into withdrawal out of habit, so keep them connected, even if it's just a brief stroke and a few words every few hours. If they dont want to be stroked, then just talk to them.

    b. Look after yourself, and get lots of support. My vet explained that they pick up on how we're feeling and it can affect them quite deeply, so as part of getting them well, make sure you get lots of support and tlc for yourself, so you have lots of energy to help them recover.

    c. Play with Maui, if you have to tend to the others a lot he'll feel left out, so playing with him will help keep him and you happy and energised.

    d. I found posting on the Cat Lovers Forum was a life saver, it was so stress releasing just to be able to pour out my worries, and the support and tips I got really helped me and my furby to recover.

    best wishes to you and your poorly family.
    1816 days ago
    I don't know how to make them feel better but I will be thinking of you for sure! You are such a good cat mommy!
    1817 days ago
    poor kitties
    1817 days ago
    Congrats on the job and really dont' know what to tell you about your cats...just keep on doing what you are doing...loving them.
    1817 days ago
    that is not fun! cat vomit all over the place! ...
    1817 days ago
    Sounds like a tongue twister! There is a special place for you in Kitteh Heaven - you are truly a feline guardian angel!

    Glad to hear Maui is feeling better and I am wishing the others a speedy recovery!

    And GREAT news on the job front! Very happy for you!
    1817 days ago
    My vet has always instructed me that while are pets are sick to give low residue food to speed recovery time.
    1817 days ago
    Sorry, no advice, but just hugs to you! I have 4 cats & 3 little dogs. Seems like one of them is always due for shots or a checkup.
    1817 days ago
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