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If You Do Only One Thing In 2013 . . .

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

. . . . put yourself at the top of your list. It takes a deliberate effort to make time for you and your health. This is the one thing that should be set in stone because so much depends on you and when you aren't at your best, everything is a struggle and robbed of joy. Why do you keep putting this off? Once you are flat on your back, you will realize all those excuses you used were just that and you will start pondering how things can be better. Change that before the inevitable happens.

It takes work and planning. Just as you take your kids to school every morning at 7:30, you need to be just as faithful to a daily exercise regime. It does not have to be elaborate, but it does have to be consistent; a brisk walk will refresh and invigorate you to handle your day. Strangely enough, exercise seems to boost energy, not deplete it. The 'do list' will always be there, your health won't be. Don't accelerate it's deterioration through neglect.

Research has shown that being physically active also improves our mental health and attitude. A good outlook always infuses the day, and all it's challenges, with ease. The situation may not be different, but YOU are. How many things that happened a year ago are your still stressed over? A month ago? Yesterday? Nothing changes until YOU do.

You can begin with baby steps. That is FlyLady's approach "You can do anything for 15 minutes". Spark Guy uses this same approach by encouraging you to start with "just 10 minutes". That does not happen until you first insist on being a priority. It will take some adjusting from family members, but remain diligent and soon they will see a new you emerge - a confident, glowing, energetic you.

There is no excuse on the planet that is worth losing your health over. Grab 2013 with both hands and make it yours. It is the only 2013 you will have.

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