New years planning!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I know, I know its totally cliche to make weight loss related new years resolutions.
But, I am super motivated, have a plan and I am totally over all the junky sugary bready foods Ive been eating. Some of these things sound a bit ambitious, like one of my goals is to use my elliptical everyday, but Ive found with that particular goal that if I do exercise everyday it becomes less and less like a chore. Im up for a challenge and I promise to listen to my mind and body and not over do it and tire myself out. So lets get into it.


Weight loss/food/fitness-
-Get to 180lbs by the end of April
-Get to 150lbs by august
-Plan meals for the week every sunday
-Work out on my elliptical everyday for atleast 20 minutes
-Go for a walk atleast 3 times a week
-Do yoga 3 times a week (mon, wednesday, friday)

-Go to bed by 9:30 every night

-No more gluten
-No more refined sugar
-Track food on spark people, use weight watchers point calculator

General goals:
-Read a book a month
-Print photos regularly
-Write in a journal once a week, like a recap of the week
-Start drawing again
-Do my nails every monday
-Set wedding date
-Use a printed monthly calender to write daily goals and track general progress/goals
-Get rid of junky items I do not use so that everything I own is nice, and simple

It sounds like a lot of stuff once its written down, but its stuff Ive already been working towards and just want to get it written down and in a goal format. Im really looking forward to this year, and Im going to make it a good one.

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