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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yesterday was hard to stay on plan with all the good food around. The pumpkin pie kept calling my name. I had planned to eat just one small slice but I went back to that pie and had one more slice. The rest of my meal started calling me and I had 3 more oz of turkey breast. After that I put all the left overs away and cleaned up my kitchen. I don't know about you but when my kitchen is clean I don't want to mess it up by making more food to eat. So I was happy just eating dinner at 1:00 and having a wee bit more at about 5:00.

Now the holidays are over and I can get back on track. Well at least that is what I planned. I had written out what I was going to eat to get back on track. I over slept and had to hurry and get my shower and dress. I was going to the 50% off sale at the Goodwill. My Hubby had given me money for my Christmas gift just for this sell. I needed to get there early before every thing was picked over.

Today it is not raining so I walked over there. It was not to cold so I just wore a sweat shirt. The air was crisp and clear with very little wind. I walked at a brisk pace to get a little workout in. It felt good I felt like I was taking the right steps to get back on track. After the sale I walked home and got right to my computer to look up a fitness video to do. I did 10 minutes of kick boxing boot camp. Now I am on a roll getting back on track.

Well not every thing worked out the way I planned. I had gone out with out eating breakfast, not a good move. After shopping I was pretty hungry. While walking I passed a hamburger joint and the smell of the burgers sure smelled good. I thought about how much money I had left over from shopping and yes I had enough for a burger and fries. I stood out side the place and had a heart to heart talk with myself. I had survived Christmas with out eating a lot of high calorie foods and pigging out on the left overs. So now I was not going to blow it on a burger. I marched over to the grocery store and bought a ready made spinach salad and the makings for a nice pork and vegetable stew for dinner later.

I survived the holidays and am now back on track ready to face the world and tell them I am eating right and exercising.
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