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Merry Christmas Balboa Style

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tom and I decided to spend a week on the Balboa Peninsula for Christmas - there's been a tradition for the past 104 years called the Newport Beach Boat Parade and we enjoy watching it once in awhile. This year we saw it THREE nights in a row because we were staying here! It was such a nice, frivolous break from the depressing news about....well, you know how depressing the news has been lately so I won't repeat it here! I hope you will enjoy a few pictures of the 104th Annual Boat Parade. It's quite an affair with sirens, music, foghorns and lots and lots of lights glittering on the boats and reflecting on the water.

This is a very elaborate boat - not sure how big it is but 'huge' seems to be an appropriate word to describe it - the 'little boat' next to it is an ordinary-size boat, although it looks like a tiny rowboat next to this 'oceanliner' size boat. Very nice and just one of many, many super-yachts kept here in Newport Bay by various celebrities, tycoons and sports stars.

Here are two shots of another large boat, taken different nights:

It's hard to get a good 'close-up' picture as the lights tend to get very 'fuzzy' looking but this one came out a little better than some others.

Some of the boats had gigantic figures - here's a super-sized Santa

Of course, we took the 'girls' with us - fortunately, it's legal to have dogs on the beach here after 4:30pm - yay! They were both FASCINATED by the boats and seemed to really enjoy the show. I couldn't get a picture of Princess because she was sitting in my lap but she really enjoyed watching the boats go by, too, and the various noises coming from the boats kept their attention, too.

We were definitely NOT alone on the beach - people come from all over to watch this parade so it was actually more crowded [by far] than it would be on any 'beautiful beach day' in the middle of summer!

This one says "Merry Christmas!!"

And for those of you who feel sorry for us poor folks who spend time at the beach instead of enjoying the snow, let me assure you that we DID have snow!!

The dogs were fascinated by the sudden appearance of snow surrounding a palm tree!!

The kids enjoyed it, too - but unfortunately, it was 'imported' snow and there was only a few square yards of it for them to play in, haha!

After the boat parade, we came back to the little beach house we're lucky to enjoy and even though it wasn't 'that' cold outside, it was great to warm up by the fireplace.


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