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Monday, December 24, 2012

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Through out my life what I have wanted for Christmas has changed.

As a child growing up during the 2nd world war years, out in the country on a farm, with no electricity, no TV, far from city stores. Our Christmas wish list was from the catalogues that arrived in the mail . The Sears and Roebucks, and Montgomery Wards wish books.
As my sister and I called them. We would spend hours looking at the pages of toys. Dolls , bikes, roller skates. Trying to narrow down one toy that we could ask for.
You see back in my childhood, we didn't get a lot of different toys. No, we got one nice toy, if our parents could afford it. And little things like coloring books, puzzles, and clothes. Oh, we always got clothes. We were growing children. Clothes had to be bought anyway so might as well include them in the Christmas presents.
We always had Christmas stockings too. Sometimes those stocking were full of the best treats we had all year.
Times were pretty tough back then. No money for luxury items.
We had a rich Uncle and Aunt from New York who wintered in Florida. They always sent a box of fresh oranges. We got an orange and packages of nuts , Home made candy in our stocking. There was a little toy. Sometimes one made by my Grandfather out of wood. He loved to whittle and work in work.
Back in those days it was completely different life. One that might seem strange and lacking to kids these days.
But we had a big old farm house and barn, all kind of animals. Plenty of room to roam about and play out doors and be a kid. There was love and warmth and
we never went hungry or had to do without the basic needs. We had a good life.

As I entered my teen years, my wishes for toys gave way to clothes and makeup.
My Grandmother was very strict, makeup was not something I was going to get.
But the matching Pendleton skirt and angora sweater, with matching bobby socks to go with my white buck shoes. Yes, I would get that. It was the 50's that's how we dressed.
The make up I would buy with my baby sitting money and put on after I left the house and remove before coming home. I didn't like to deceive my Grandmother., but I wanted to be a teenager and fit in. I could wear makeup when I was modeling, but not everyday.
All in all I was a pretty good girl. Smile!!

As I went off to collage , my wishes for Christmas became more social minded.
I wanted peace, we were in the Vietnam conflict. I wanted social equality for all the races. I wanted everyone to have food. Didn't want to see so many homeless. I wanted the world to be a better place than it was turning out to be.

As I reached adulthood and started a family of my own, my Christmas wishes started to be for my children.
All of a sudden I started to feel what I suppose my Grandparents had felt for me. Christmas was more exciting, there were children to buy presents for. There were Christmas school plays to go to. I would beam with pride as I watched my child dressed as a wise man in a costume I had made in the school or church pageant.
On Christmas morning seeing the eyes light up as they opened their presents, that was enough for me.
Oh I got presents, my husband was more than generous. But it was really the children, knowing that I was giving them memories of happy times, that made me feel complete .

Along the way I continued my wish for the less fortunate to experience some of the same joy and share in the festive , spirit of Christmas.
I involved my children in the idea that to give is better than receiving. There are so many less fortunate than we are.

As time passes, my children grew up , started families of their own.
I now had grandchildren to enjoy the Christmas spirit of giving and doing for others . And we spent many an hours making things and having fun at Christmas.

My grandchildren are now young adults, in collage and living lives of their own. Gone are the days of excitement in unwrapping a present from Grandma. Gone are the days of going to the pottery shop to make a dish to give to Mommy.

The Christmas giving of presents is for the children. The joy of watching a young child unwrap a present is what Christmas giving is all about.

The Christmas spirit is for everyone. The idea of giving and helping the less fortunate is for everyone. The though of peace and harmony among all of us is for everyone. The thought of no one hungry, no one homeless, that spirit if for everyone.

So when I look at the ads in the paper. See the sales at Macy's and look at the clothes, jewelry, large screen TV's , I sometimes say to myself,"Oh, that looks nice , I would like that.". It's just meaningless words . i have everything I really need to live a comfortable life.

I don't need any material presents for Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is more food for the hungry. More shelter for the homeless. Less violence, To live in a safer world. No more family violence,
No more animal abuse. Peace on earth and good will toward everyone.

These are some of the lyrics of the song. "Do they know it's Christmas.". by U2.

It's Christmas time.
There's no need to be afraid.
At Christmas time.
We let in light and we banish shade.

And in our world of plenty
We can spread a smile of joy.
Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time.

But say a pray
Pray for the other ones
At Christmas time.
It's hard but when you're having fun
There's a world outside your window
And it's a world of dread and fear
where the only water flowing is
The bitter sting of tears
And the Christmas bells that ring there
Are the clanging chimes of doom
Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you.

And there won't be presents for many this Christmas time.
The greatest gift they'll get this year is life.
Where hunger and cold are always there
Do thy know it's Christmas time at all.

Here's to you
Raise a glass for everyone
Here's to them
Do they know it's Christmas time at all.

So Dear Santa, as much as I love your jolly old self, you can skip presents for me this year. please give to someone more needy than I.

I hope all my friends and family have a Very Merry Christmas.
Hanukkah just passed and I hope all my fiends who celebrated that tradition spent eight days of joy and happiness with the friends and family.

To all my Spark friends. I want to wish you a Special Happy Joyous Christmas Holiday. I received many goodies and joyful Christmas wishes, plus some great birthday wishes, thank you are so much.
Peace and Love
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