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Reflection And Planning Ahead for 2013 :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

THIS is my New Year's project! Starting January 1st, every awesome thing that makes me go "WooHoo" will be written down and placed into the jar, so.. NEXT New Years Eve, I can read through all of them and know each amazing thing that happened and what I have to be proud of, etc.... that's my only resolution.. to keep up with that jar! lol

This year was a complete success in so many ways, I can't complain! I lost 50 pounds this year (hitting my 100 pounds lost mark! *happy dance* Awww yeahhhhhh), had two Cancer scares (that turned out to be JUST scares! Phew.. Thank You GOD!), crossed many things off of my Life (Bucket) List, and learned so much about my new healthy lifestyle.. #WINNING! I decided to become a writer in September and by October I had something published (short stories), November published my first novel, and am currently in the process of writing for my next two projects, with a few others planned, so.. YAY!

I discovered more of my weaknesses and decided to attack them and make them into strengths. That is a process, but I am on my way! YAY again! I think every day should be a learning experience and give us something to grow from and drive us to want to achieve more and BE better.. and, well, I have found my stride in that right and I refuse to stop now! WooHoo! *another happy dance in progress*

(One of my favorite and SO fitting quotes!)

I challenged my Wicked Sassy Ninjas (Done Girl challengers) to plan ahead for the coming year. NOT to make "resolutions" because I think those are just lame and most people give up on those within the first few months, but to make a plan. Write things down NOW that you want to achieve within the next year so that you (and I) can plan ahead for my next year in all facets of life: health, family, career, sanity, etc. (Yes, I said sanity.. its part of health! lol).

Nearing the end of this year, as I was changing career goals and finding my interests moving into a different direction, I let myself slack in a few aspects of my journey. However, I still weighed and measured all of my food (even if I didn't track, I was consciously still caring what I did). I decided to stop tracking and see how I would do for a bit and it turns out that I DO still need to track (up a few pounds in the last 3 months), but it was an awesome test for myself and I'm proud that I can completely stop "writing it all down" and still be mostly on track. That was awesome to find out about myself! I am truly learning from this journey and it's "sticking" with me! Heck yeah! The good news is: I REFUSE to give up. I will never stop having this lifestyle. I will ALWAYS want to give myself better, do better for my son and my loved ones, and will try and experiment with and test out new things so that I can find out what works best for ME. No two beings are created equally and well.. I love that!

Just because I changed my methods for a bit doesn't mean I gave up. On the contrary! I think it's important to step back and reassess things from time to time. And.. I rock, so.. yeah. :D See how modest I am? LOL I think we should all be confident in our healthy journey to say "Yeah, I dont have to do what X or Y do because I know what works for me!" and if you dont know what works, best to try NOW and all the time. We are ever-growing and changing. As a great friend once said to me "Even Cancer evolves..." so let's learn, grow, and change all the time and keep our eyes on the prize. (FYI: The "prize" = the longest, greatest, most healthy and amazing, action-packed, fun-filled, love-fest of a life you can possibly have. I will not give up ever, because I am worth ALL of THAT!).

I get asked that one a LOT. "What did you DO?" I hate to say "Well, one day I just decided that my body became important to me and I no longer wanted to just lay on the couch in a chemical-induced coma of laziness where I cared for nothing or no-one, even myself." But that's truly what I did. I had enough, so I changed it. You can, too. Right now. No matter how far you have come or NOT, you can decide right now to put down the holiday cookie, fat-filled drink, or whatever else is holding you back and DO something. You can. I promise, it will be okay. You will feel better and you will thank yourself for it later. Don't thank me, thank YOU for loving yourself enough to want and need it! :D Plus, it sounds massively strange, but sweating and healthy eating feels amazing. Truly. It's addicting after a while!

True story!! :)

2012 for me has had some amazing highs and a few less-than-desirable lows, but.. the balance and end-results are what matter most to me. I have made some amazing friends and found some people that I simply cannot live without (you know who you are!!). I have also discovered that some people are simply NOT who I thought they were or they lived out their purpose in my life and, even if it hurt to let them go, I had to do what was best for me and my journey and life. I think it made me a stronger woman, to be honest. I possess more strength than I ever knew I had... what a beautiful lesson!

So for me.. 2013 will be RIDICULOUSLY huge. My plans are.. amazing and more than I can share here and now, but the most major ones are reaching my goal and finding healthy experiences whenever possible. I am going to keep on with trying new things and not being afraid to step outside of the box (nothing wrong with following my own path. I am the master of myself.. aka "you're not the boss of me, cookies!" haha! I will not settle for what is handed to me anymore and will fight for my happiness in every way that I can. I will accept help from those that offer it (if/when I need it) and not be too proud to admit when I am failing or need support. I know I can't do this alone, but I also know that I am strong and powerful enough to fight for myself whenever necessary. So... bring is on, world! I'm ready for you!

I hold the INK that forms my story.. and I will not stop re-creating, editing, and drafting my life until it is all that I want it to be... which will be... never! There will always be room to grow! YAY!!

These are my other plans for 2013! I want to embrace life and worry less for the "fluff" that fills most of our days. I want to focus on my writing and my love and my happiness. That is what is most important, yes? :D

YES! SO MUCH YES! Anything that makes you feel like a rockstar, makes your heart beat a little faster, makes you have to catch your breath.. is worth it. 100%. I have a LOT of those things in my life and I dedicate my journey to them.

The most MAJOR thing I am DONE with?... Wanna know? Excuses. I won't have those ever again. If I slip, I just slip. I have no reason to explain myself. I am human. That will happen, but...

I will do my very best. Give MYSELF my all as often as I can and be proud of that.

Do me a favor, would ya??

Don't wait until January 1, 2013 to start being proud of yourself, changing your life, or doing things to improve your health. Don't be that person. Don't use the next few days of this year to eat yourself into oblivion, gaining 10 more pounds, lazing around, and feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and DO something. Be proud of yourself NOW. You will thank yourself for it later.. I promise you that!!

I have proclaimed it....... SO MOTE IT BE!~ hehehehe

And now, a few piccies of me from the last two months ~

My son and I at Thanksgiving.. yes, we are all shiny from SWEAT because instead of laying on the couch watching football, we had a TWO hour Just Dance 4 party. "We had a "Gangnam Style" Thanksgiving," is what my son says.. haha

My son snapped a pic of me and I liked it.. o.O Who knew? :)

My bestie screen-grabbed me off of a video I made for her.. and the outcome was cute, so.. its my default on Facebook now. LOL!

And me...

with my 100 Pounds Lost tiara on! Princess for a day.. or whenever I need/want to feel awesome. One of my supporters sent me that and I just cried.. so much love from so many people will do that to a girl ;)

So... what are YOUR plans for 2013? Get to thinking.. its only a few days away! WooHoo!! XOXOXO

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