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Couch to 5K Program DONE!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I seriously can NOT believe I did the whole thing. I can't believe that I can run 45 minutes at a time without stopping. I can't believe that I stuck with the plan for nine whole weeks without getting off track!

I did the week 9 day 2 workout last night. It was HARD. The hills in the neighborhood - killer. But I did it. And this morning was going to play it by ear - depending on how my legs felt, but was going to do 10 miles whether there was running or not. When I got up, with 22-27 mile winds, I wasn't sure how I'd feel out there. I waited until after 9:00 for it to get a little warmer because the winds aren't supposed to die down until tonight. AND I had to calculate in that Linda wanted to walk with me. Tricky, because she's just starting from scratch. So here's what I came up with.

The winds are supposed to be way down tomorrow, so I decided to do my six miles today and THEN have Linda come over to meet me and do 3 more and I'd do the 10 miles tomorrow. Even though I'd be doing 10 today, it would be 10 easy - relatively speaking. So I set out. It was brisk on the walk to the trail, but I was cozy on the trail - almost too warm. And I ran the whole trail again, wrapping up Week 9, Day 3 - and the final workout of the program!!! Including up the side of the dam AND up the final big damn hill at the end of the trail! Had a disconnect and Linda didn't get my message about when I was finishing up, so she wasn't waiting for me at the school like she should have been. Ended up waiting almost an hour before we finally connected and she was able to get over to meet me. :-/

In the meantime, I walked over a mile more to keep warm while I was trying to get in touch with her and finally had given up and headed home, getting in another mile. So I probably did closer to 11 miles total. She picked me up almost back at my house and we headed back over to the trail to do her 3 miles, which went really well. We'll have to get that coordination down MUCH better. I don't have an extra hour to hang out in the wind and cold waiting . . . Already investing 2-4 hours as it is!!

So I'm excited about finishing the program - I know that'll come as a shock to anyone who has been paying attention - NOT. And tomorrow I fire up my Garmin and start tracking speed and distance to see about knocking down my time per mile.

WOooooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!
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