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Friday #2 - Finally Got the Results of this Summer's Study

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So I was in a good mood when I got to work Friday, but it was quickly dashed. Lots of problems, people with issues, and everyone is coming to me. I am not getting my own work done. People are generally in a bad mood, for various reasons. When I left work, I decided to go to Target. I needed to get some warm clothes for my grandson, who will be arriving soon. I do some Christmas shopping, too, texting my niece as I go for ideas, etc. I do manage to buy for all three of her kids, plus get some cute outfits for Gino and some stocking stuffers. I am there for 1 1/2 hours and I am hot, sweaty and tired when I get home.

I grab the mail as I pull into the driveway and leaf through it before I get out of the car. I spy an envelope with the return address "Cardiovascular Risk Study". I feel a bit panicky. I've been telling myself that if anything was really bad they would have told me before now (I did the study back in July) but there is always that small voice in my head saying, "maybe, maybe not".

So on to the results:
- normal electrocardiogram
- relatively normal echocardiogram - pressure in lungs is slightly elevated but not likely significant
- blood pressure is slightly elevated and should be followed 141/89
- cholesterol is very good - total cholesterol 160 (desired less than 200); LDL 111 (desired less than 130); HDL 50 (desired range 40-59); triglycerides 48 (desired less than 150)
- fasting glucose is good 90 (desired range 70-99)
- carotid wall thickness is at the 60th percentile - slightly higher than average
- sleep test - I am awake 23.5 minutes during the night, versus 8 minutes in 1995 and my total sleep is just 8 minutes less (I actually can't believe this one) - no indications of sleep apnea

The 10-Year Risk for Developing Coronary Heart Disease is based on the Framingham Heart Study. For a person my age (50-54), 5% is considered low risk and 8% is the average risk. My risk based on these numbers is 7%.


All these year of being overweight have not caused any permanent damage to my cardiovascular system at this point. Their recommendation is that I "control my risk factors very well". With a BMI of 68 (!), I have my work cut out for me.

I can't tell you what a relief this is. My DH noticed that I was in a good mood last night (first time in quite a while, outside of visiting with my grandson). He even offered to do what he could to help me so that I can focus on getting healthier (also a first). We'll see if he follows through, but we are going to work on getting things set up over the next week or so while we are both home so that I can keep it going once I am back to work and school starts again.

I am out of the office until January 2nd - I am really looking forward to this break!
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