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Friday #1 - McKnight Staff and Teachers Are Awesome

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sometimes things happen that just make you smile.

Many of you know that my niece and her sons had some difficulties this year. Twice this year I wound up taking my youngest nephew into my home for a while. During the second time, when I took him to school, his teacher asked if the people at the school could do anything to help financially. I thanked her and told her that our family managed to get the financial end covered.

Apparently, though, she did not forget about this. My niece called me on Thursday and asked if I could possibly get some gifts that they had for the kids at Nelson's school. I agreed to stop at the school on my way to work and pick them up (I leave later than she does). So Friday comes around and boy am I cranky. I went to bed late, did not sleep well, woke up later than planned with a severe lower back ache. My son called and I never pass up a chance to talk to him, so I was running even later. I didn't want to go to the school, I didn't want to carry packages, I was just annoyed at the world.

I am a few minutes later than I planned to be but I get there before the kids start arriving. It turns out I know the woman who had the gifts. She is the school nurse, a former marching band parent like me, and the mother of one of my son's best friends. She explains that the staff pays to wear jeans on payday and they take the money to help out students' families. She did not know that Nelson was my nephew until the day before (his last name is different from ours). We went into her office and there are several bags there. I assume they are for several people and when she asks if I need help, I say no thanks. So she hands me a bag, then a basket, and starts to pick up another bag. I laugh and say that I guess I do need help after all.

Look at all the items the wonderful people at that school got for my two nephews and their sister (who lives with her dad but will be here right after Christmas):

There is a bag of toys for each child and the basket is for Nelson.

McKnight staff and teachers are awesome!
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