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RE: The Count Down Has, Ended This Is My, Last Blog For you, Until I Come back, From My Xmas &, New

Saturday, December 22, 2012

RE: The count down has, ended this is my, last Blog for you, until i come back, from my Xmas & new Year Holiday Periods, so far this Morning, it has been chaotic, i got up at, 09.17am to get, ready as i knew, that i had a Hair, Colour Appointment at my, Local Hairdresser's (near, where i live), i left my Flat, at 10.25am to, get to my Appointment, i was waiting at, the Traffic Lights ready, to cross the Road, but i got stuck, for about 10mins, cos the Traffic was, totally CHAOTIC, in other words it, (was very very, busy !!!! !!!!), so in the end, i made it to, my Hair.

Colour Appointment, at about 10.40am, luckily Jen (who, is the Main Boss, understood why i got, held up !!!!), she said that's ok, then Laura who always, does my Hair Colour, for me said i, will be with you, in a minute Mel, she was just Sweeping, up the Floor which, was full of Hair, etc etc etc etc, before she even had, chance to start Colouring, my Hair it had, to be dried off, 1st as when i, came out of my, Flat it was 'Pissing, down with Rain' (, scuse my language), but it is totally, true about that the, Weather has caused Major, Major Floods in &, around Grantham.

This week & i, kid you not !!!!, that is totally true, 2 this has also, affected many many Transport, Routes 2 (Buses, cars etc etc), once my Hair, was dried off i, had my RED Hair, Dye put on, & had also had, a nice Mug of, Tea brought to me, which i enjoy very, very much (i, do LOVE my TEAS, SO SO MUCH), my Train of Thought, was then interrupted by, a loud Banging Noise, this was the RED, Dye Colour Dish which, had Fallen onto the, Floor !!!! !!!! !!!!, it had made a, 'right old mess,' so then out of, that Dish some of, RED Colour had been, saved i then thought.

What else could go, WRONG but then something, else happened some RED, Dye dropped onto my, Right Hand Andrew my, Friend who works there, (Full Time), came & wiped it, off my Right Hand, although most of it, came off there is, still a Long Thin, RED Line left on, my Right Wrist that, will come off when, it is Washed again, this RED Colour that, i have got on my, Hair is the Brightest, it has ever been, if you need an, example look at the, Picture showing on the, Ravishing RED HEADS SPARKTEAM, that's how bright my RED Hair Colour, is !!!! !!!! !!!!.

I would like to, thank all my lovely, lovely Sparkfriends Old &, new for following me, on ny Blog Journies, all this Year &, i would also like, to wish you all, all my Sparkfriends Old, & New a, very very merry Xmas, & a Happy New, Year 2 & i, will see /be, back with you all, online in the New, Year with some New, Blogs on how i, spent my Xmas &, New Year Holiday Periods.


Melanie Louise Jackson aka (Grease31). emoticon emoticon emoticon
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