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Friday, December 21, 2012

I wrote this after I read another sparkers blog about being snowed in and it brought back this memory I shared with her. Now I will share it with you too.
Mt friend said she loved the snow even when it was very deep in her area today.
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Most days I love it too. We came from England and there was not much snow there, more rain than here for sure.
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Our first year here I was pregnant, we had a few feet of snow and our picture window was almost covered by a snow drift. The neighbor called on the phone and asked if we could see out of the window. I said no there is a drift there, she informed me it was not a drift it was mostly that deep everywhere. I had a major melt down panic attack, poor DH handled it well. He reassured me he would get me to the hospital if needed. He called around asking about ambulance service.
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That was when we discovered there was NO AMBULANCE SERVICE IN AUGUSTA MAINE--OOPS!!
We were told when he asked the question, “Where do we call for an ambulance if I need to take my wife to the hospital she is pregnant.”
ANSWER !!!!!!
"You have to call the funeral home for ambulance service"- when he told me that I almost needed the Hearse instead.
Within a couple of years the city had ambulance service and neither one of us needed to ride in the hearse.
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After almost 50 years here, I am used to the snow and like my friend I can find the beauty and serenity in every flake and every deep snow fall. I don't even mind clearing it when it's light and fluffy. HUGS Pat in Maine.
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    I'm a Florida native. I've managed to be in snow, been snowed in in NC, and couldn't get out to ge to the Nutcracker in Cleveland. Later we found the 3 foot high snow fall covering the roads was only local. We could have walked to public transportation 3 blocks away and gotten to the performance.

    It's always such a new experience for me, it's always a lark. I DO worry about being here in the cold (NC) and having the power go out. At least then I'd have a story to tell about how I packed up and left for Florida two weeks early.
    1899 days ago
    I remember the 10 foot drifts from when we lived in Michigan! Now, everyone in Texas panicks if there is an INCH! What a change! emoticon
    1907 days ago
    Oh what a memory!
    1910 days ago
    DD was born during an ice storm. I had forgotten about that; she will turn 24 in a few days.

    The funeral home? Oh, my! Glad there is ambulance service now!
    1911 days ago
  • RD03875
    What a GREAT blog, but LOL about calling the funeral home. I so miss the snow!
    1912 days ago
  • TERRI289
    Beautiful attitude!!! emoticon
    1912 days ago
    i'm not a fan of snow. It is very pretty but it limits my outdoor time which I dearly love. You have learned to adapt to it well.
    1912 days ago
    What a great story! Thank you for sharing it with us!!
    1912 days ago
    Wow, that sure would have been a story to tell your kids and grandkids..... lol

    Glad service got better and you never had to use the hearse.....

    1912 days ago
    Glad you have better services today. I do like the snow even when we have a lot of it, but that hasn't happened lately. I do not like to drive in it.
    1912 days ago
    OH my goodness! That would NOT inspire much confidence having to call the funeral home for an ambulance! YIKES! Glad you nor DH needed neither!

    Merry Christmas to you & Fred and HUGS!
    1912 days ago
    Pat, that was a good story. :) I do like the snow but am not fond of the cold that comes with it. :( Glad you didn't need the hearse! Hugs, Terry
    1912 days ago
    LOL--I didn't realize it was about me=--LOL-----So good!!! And this blog you wrote is so interesting-Lynda emoticon
    1912 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/22/2012 9:17:27 AM
    Glad you never had to use the hearse! Good Story. emoticon
    1912 days ago
    Ha! Pat, that's a great story!! That would have been an experience!!! Have a great Saturday!
    1912 days ago
    I love the story about the hearse. You lived to tell the tale.
    I wish I could have just emoticon one snow flake right now. I loved
    the snow when I lived in Canada. emoticon
    1912 days ago
    lol pat that's always the way i felt about
    s always been one of my favorite things for sure
    the lady mary emoticon
    1912 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Thank You for Sharing Your Story about the Hearse and the Snow. I would have a Major Panic Attack too. I Love Reading Your Blogs Everyday. Just don't stop sending them. I really do miss not having them. Love The Story .God Bless You and DH. Have a Teriffic Day. Take Care. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
    1912 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/22/2012 6:56:18 AM
    emoticon There's a season for everyone, I say! EnJOY those flakes & stay safe! emoticon
    1912 days ago
    lovely story enjoyed it look forward to them thanks
    1912 days ago
    1912 days ago
    Wow! I worried about snow when awaiting my younger son. We adopted son # 1, so when I was pregnant, I was anxious - and he was due late December/January, right about now, and we had so many storms. He arrived in early January, and luckily we did not have to face severe storms that day. I had to chuckle about the hearse too. I might have been appalled at it. Quite a story, Pat.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.

    1912 days ago
    When I was first married we lived in Nebraska and winter came and I had never seen so much snow. Then we moved to Kansas. My son was born in Colby, KS on April 10, 1961. I went into labor early that morning. My husband had cleared the snow from around the car when he got home from work the evening before, just in case. So I woke him up and he threw on his clothes and ran out to start the car and the snowplow had been by and almost covered the car with snow. He was able to clear it off and I got to the hospital and three hours later my son was born.

    Your story is hilarious and glad you didn't have to ride in the hearse to the hospital. I would have been having mass panic attacks with all that snow.

    I really enjoy reading your blogs every night. In fact, I look forward to reading them before I go to bed. Keep them coming!

    Brenda in Chehalis, WA
    1913 days ago
    Your hearse story made me chuckle but I am sure it wasn't funny at the time. I see pictures of snow and I long to be "in it" since we don't get it in the part of Cali I live in. I did however get to see it a little over a week ago near Yosemite and it was sure lovely. My daughter loved playing outside and taking pics with her i phone.

    1913 days ago
    Thankfully we don't have snow like that anymore. I like that story. I never heard any stories about no ambulances. That is priceless. Thanks for sharing.
    emoticon emoticon
    1913 days ago
    About 3 years ago we ahd a bad snow storm and about 3 feet of snow. this was my first experience of snow. Hard for me to ahndle and we couldn't drive because of the ice. We are up 2 hills. We were pretty low on food. We are getting ready to purchase a ew freezer so this doesn't ahppen again. I hope you and your DH never ahve a stranded situation in the snow
    1913 days ago
    We had some snows like that when I lived in OH. i never did well with the cold so rarely could stay out in it very long. It was pretty watching out the window - at first. I really disliked when it started to get gray and dirty. Yuk! I smiles about the hearse. When I first started at the PD, that was our ambulance service, too. Within 2-3 years we had our own ambukances at all three stations and EMT's to cover them.
    1913 days ago
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